Love And Revenge Episode 12


Sandra settled on the couch of Lex’s house tired. It was a Sunday and Ciara had a scene to shoot that day, Lex had been free but she had to go with Ciara. It was tiring. Ciara had been in a very foul mood and she had seen Peter. Peter had only smiled at her and when she tried to exchange pleasantries with him, Ciara had dragged her hair and ordered her to get her script immediately. Ciara had been harsh today.
LEX: How was work with Ciara today?
SANDRA: Are you mocking me or what?
LEX: No oo.
Ann emerged from the house scratching her eyes, obviously waking up from sleep.
ANN: Sandra, what’s up?
SANDRA: Fine Ann.
Ann walked up to where Lex was seated and sat on his laps after pecking him.
Sandra frowned on it. There were empty cushions and must Ann kiss Lex in her presence? Was that a show off? For a second, she regretted not having a boyfriend.
There was silence in the room as Ann whispered whatever in Lex’s ears with Lex whispering back. Why couldn’t they speak freely for crying out loud?
They whispered whatever in each others ears for minutes while she toyed with her phone.
LEX: Sandra, i heard Ciara’s father’s birthday is next weekend.
LEX: So any plans?
Sandra tossed her phone aside.
SANDRA: Lex, you and i won’t be at the party.
LEX: Ciara won’t allow that, she likes moving with her manager and PA, remember?
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SANDRA: We can’t go, we just have to look for any excuse whatsoever or better still turn off our phones that day.
LEX: Then Ciara is going to fire us.
SANDRA: She isn’t going to fire us.
LEX: Says who?
SANDRA: Because we are going to set the party on fire.
Lex jerked up, pushing Ann from his laps ‘i don’t understand. Why are we setting the party on fire?’
SANDRA: That is the best place all of Tommy Anderson’s family will be gathered. I want everyone dead, including his new wife. And i’ve arranged for guys to rape Anita and Ciara silly before setting the hall on fire.
Lex drew back in shock, then looked at Ann whose lips were curved in a smile.
ANN: I think that’s a good idea.
LEX: What good idea? You mean we are going to waste innocent souls. Do you know the dignitaries that’s gonna be there? Do you know the crowd that would be there? We are going to kill over five hundred people if not even more because of one person? Come on now Sandra, we are not Tommy Anderson are we?
SANDRA: He killed my innocent mother and brother and raped me silly, he didn’t think of the innocent souls that he was wasting. He killed your mother and siblings and burnt your house down, he didn’t think about it. Why then are you thinking about his family?
LEX: I’m not talking about his family only. There would be ministers there, senators there and if care is not taken, the president might be there also. Do you want to kill this people who knows nothing about the so called murder that took place years ago? I’m not complaining about his family, if you want to kill them, fine! But other people, i disagree.
Sandra exchanged looks with Ann.
ANN: Lex, you are serious about this?
LEX: If i had my way, i’d spare Ciara and Anita, they did nothing wrong.
SANDRA: Fine, but i’m poisoning Ciara tomorrow. Then after that Anita goes down.
LEX: You wouldn’t try that Sandra. Let’s spare Ciara, she’s innocent.
SANDRA: I don’t know about your siblings but my brother was innocent. He was innocent, he was the nicest guy I’ve ever met, he helped me with a lot of things. He was my pillar of strength Lex, but Tommy Anderson killed him for a crime my father committed. Why didn’t he spare him? Tell me Lex, are you sure you are ready for this revenge at all? Revenge is a meal best served cold, and i’m going to make sure its blocked.
Lex closed his eyes. He knew if he didn’t agree to this, they were going to consider him a weakling, but he wasn’t going to let Ciara die. He was going to save her.
‘fine’ he said.
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