Love And Revenge Episode 11


Ciara looked up from her tab and fixed her gaze on Sandra. Some things were not just adding up. She had overheard Sandra and Lex talking about revenge the last time and she had also seen a word written by Sandra maybe with red paint or blood.
CIARA: Does any director want to see me?
Sandra looked at Lex in confusion, then shook her head ‘no. Why do you ask?’
CIARA: No storyline that has to do with revenge whatsoever?
Sandra bit her lower lip ‘why do you ask?’
Ciara wanted to say something but instead shook her head ‘never mind’
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Her gaze went to Lex and she found him staring. Immediately her gaze met his, he stared away shyly. He must have been embarrased that she caught him staring.
She smiled inwardly.
CIARA: Lex, my dad’s birthday party holds next week, are you aware?
Lex frowned and looked at Sandra.
SANDRA: Ciara you never told me.
Ciara eyed her ‘must i tell you everything?’
SANDRA: Ah no vex. So which cloth would you be wearing?
CIARA: Isn’t that your duty Sandra?
SANDRA: That’s why you should have told me earlier. Anyways, i still have a week. What’s the dresscode?
CIARA: Yellow with a touch of blue.
SANDRA: Will a gown be okay?
CIARA: No, buba would be okay, idiot.
Sandra laughed ‘i just wanted to make sure now’
CIARA: No dey ask me stupid question.
Sandra smiled and continued doing what she was doing. Hacking into Tommy Anderson’s account. Then she looked up at Ciara ‘Ciara, i heard your dad just won a 6bn naira contract from the federal government’
CIARA: When did you start paying attention to my dad’s contracts.
SANDRA: Haba now, it’s everywhere around the internet. You know many people were lobbying for that contract but your dad won it.
CIARA: That one concern am. You think he didn’t pay a huge amount of money into the accounts of the right people?
SANDRA: I no now. To get federal government contract na beans. Hope your daddy will complete this particular one sha?
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CIARA: Idiot, are you trying to insult my dad or what?
SANDRA: No but you know your dad now, he’s corrupt.
CIARA: Na your own papa dey corrupt, idiot.
SANDRA: My own papa don die na.
CIARA: Eh eh? Na me kill am abi na my papa kill am?
Sandra shot her a near deadly stare but Ciara didn’t see it because she was focused on her tab.
SANDRA: You no know before?
CIARA: You dey craze, my papa know your papa?
SANDRA: I hear you ma.
CIARA: You know my dad may be corrupt and all that, but he could never kill anybody. He can’t even hurt a fly. That man has cunny way of doing things oo, but killing isn’t part of his capabilities. The man no get mind sef. My mama get mind pass am.
SANDRA: Make we hear word abeg. You know se pidgin english no dey sweet for your mouth, oyibo girl.
Ciara laughed and look at Lex again. He was staring at her again but this time, he didn’t take off his eyes.
CIARA: Lex, you’ve been unusually quiet since and you’ve been staring at me, why?
LEX: Nothing oo, i was just listening to the funny conversation between you and Sandra.
CIARA: Don’t mind Sandra. Since i know her, her life is like that of a corner corner rat.
SANDRA: I go resign oo,
CIARA: Resign na, i dey beg you.
SANDRA: I go resign oo.
CIARA: Oya no vex. I dey beg you now oo. Your head dey swell up like fried rice.
Sandra laughed. It really pained her that she was going to kill Ciara in the end. Ciara was a nice jovial girl who didn’t deserve to pay for her father’s crimes.
But then her elder brother, her darling, jovial, caring and understanding elder brother had paid with his life. She wasn’t going to be sentimental. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. A mother for a mother. And children for children.
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