Love And Revenge Episode 13


Ciara sat on Peter’s laps and placed a simple kiss on his lips trying to pacify him. She had angered him and she hated it whenever he was angry.

CIARA: Baby, i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to annoy you, you know i love you so much and i just wanted to make sure you are not snatched from me. You know i can’t stand it.
PETER: You are getting worse by the day Ciara. I know you love me and all but that doesn’t mean you should act mean towards Sandra, the poor girl doesn’t deserve it.
CIARA: She loves you Peter…..
PETER: That was before.
CIARA: Feelings never die.
PETER: Indeed. Like you didn’t break up with Chuks just to date me. Didn’t you love him then? But your feelings for him gradually died when you met me. Sandra isn’t in love with me anymore Ciara.
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CIARA: Enough of all of this! Sandra loves you, that’s it. And i won’t let her snatch away my man.
She stood up and faced him with both hands on her waist.
PETER: Ciara, the earlier you get rid of this jealousy of yours, the better for the both of us. I thought Sandra was your friend?
CIARA: Your best friend could be your worst enemy Pete.
PETER: But you should know Sandra, she would never do anything to hurt you. She’s your friend and PA for crying out loud.
CIARA: What happened to Chika Ike? Didn’t her PA snatch her boyfriend from her? Wasn’t she her PA. I learn from other people’s experience darling.
Peter sighed ‘okay, let’s just say you are just being careful but bae take it easy. Don’t be too harsh on Sandra okay?’
Ciara hissed ‘are you lecturing me on how to treat my employee?’
‘that’s not it…..’
‘hold it there! You always use the slightest opportunity you get to insult someone. I am warning you Peter, don’t lecture me about etiquette especially when it comes to my employee, do you understand?’
PETER: Just when i was calming down, you’ve come up with your own anger. Enough of it Ciara, i’m not in the mood for any of your quarrels right now.
CIARA: Sure you don’t! I’m a nuisance right now, i’m disturbing your ears, i understand.
PETER: Oh God! Ciara, enough of your madness.
CIARA: Shut up you jerk! In fact, get out of my house, i don’t want to ever see you again.
Peter was stunned for seconds. He didn’t know what he said or did that warranted Ciara’s anger. He hadn’t said anything wrong. In fact, his anger was already dissipating when hers just came up. Why? What did he do? And now she was asking him to leave the house and never come back. That was Ciara for you, she knew not how to control her temper. He just smiled. She would be the one to beg later, he had nothing to worry about.
‘i should leave?’ he asked to be sure.
Peter smiled and stood up, then shook his head and left.
Anita came in with her hands akimbo and a wry smile plastered on her oblong face.
ANITA: You know you have to work on your temper right?
CIARA: Were you eavesdropping?
ANITA: Yes. The guy did nothing wrong. In fact you are so lucky to have such a guy who cares so much about other people’s feelings. I’ve noticed your cold behaviors towards Sandra whenever Peter is around. Is it because she once had a crush on Peter?
CIARA: Stop using that word once for crying out loud. She could still be in love with Peter for all we know.
ANITA: And i’m telling you that’s not true. And even if she does…..
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CIARA: I’m not gonna take chances Anita, no matter whatever anyone tells me. No one can take my Peter away from me.
ANITA: Abeg e don do. Who wants to snatch your Peter away from you before? I’m warning you, be careful with the way you seem over possessive of Peter

CIARA: Insult me all you want okay? I’ve heard you.
ANITA: Anyways, i’m not here to banter words with you. I just wanted to ask for that your manager’s number, Lex or whatever.
CIARA: May i ask what you want to do with it?
ANITA: I don’t see how that concerns you Ciara. Are you giving me his number or what?
CIARA: No i’m not giving you until you tell me what you want to do with it.
ANITA: I just want to be calling him once in a while, you know, as my sister’s manager.
CIARA: Shut up! Look, Anita, i won’t tolerate you flirting with my manager. I saw the way you looked at him yesterday. I even saw the kiss you blew to him too, let that be the last time that would be happening. If you want a guy, find a guy.
ANITA: And i already saw the guy.
Ciara frowned and hit the table with her fist ‘don’t tell me it’s Lex because i won’t accept it’
ANITA: Why? Are you in love with him or what or are you now possessive of your own manager too?
CIARA: I just don’t want you to look cheap in his eyes.
ANITA: Don’t worry sis, i know how to handle guys like him, is he single?
Ciara didn’t want to give Anita his number. She didn’t understand herself anymore. Yesterday she had seen Sandra chatting happily with Lex and she had ordered her to get out of the place. She had also seen her chatting with Peter and she did the same thing. And now that her sister was asking for Lex’s number, she didn’t want to give it to her. She didn’t even know why.
CIARA: Anita, i know you’ve never been in a serious relationship before, so tell me. Are you for real or you just want to flirt, have s-x with him and dump him?
Anita laughed ‘when did my sister start caring about my love life?’
‘left for me, i don’t care what you do with your love life. I’m just concerned about him and…..’
‘concerned about him? Did i hear you right? Ciara when did you start getting concerned about YOUR MANAGER?’
‘shut up! Just be sincere Anita, do you really love him?’
‘well, i can’t say for sure but i don’t understand this butterflies i usually have whenever he’s around me, talks to me or even smiles at me. Yes Ciara, i’m in love with him’
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To be continued…….