Love And Revenge Episode 14


‘come in’ the baritone voice said from inside.
Ann flinched a little then entered. Again Lex was telling her to seduce another man. Lex was asking her to have s-x with another man, how painful! It pained her that he had no problem sharing her with another man.
She adjusted her low cut blouse and medicated eyeglass and entered the office.
She saw the very light skinned young man seated on a leather seat with scanning eyes. He wasn’t overly handsome but he wasn’t bad to look at.
‘hi’ she greeted with her most sexy voice ever.
‘hello’ he replied ‘have a seat’
She cat walked to the leather seat opposite him and sat, then crossed her legs with a seductive grin still on her face.
‘what may i do for you?’ he asked.
‘well, i’m Fiona Johnson’
‘hmm’ Peter said thoughtfully ‘i think you are familiar too’
‘oh yes, i work with 3 BRAINS, in fact i’m your dad’s personal secretary’
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‘yes, i think that’s where i saw you, so what may i do for you? Did my dad send you?’
‘no, actually Tommy Anderson sent me’
‘Ciara’s dad? Why?’
Ann stood up and turned around seductively, then she licked her lips and went to him and played with his tie ‘he sent me to give you something really important’ She grabbed his crotch and he let out a muffled sound.
‘what….what do you want?’ he stammered.
She smiled, he was the weak type. She hoped he was horrible in bed too. That way she was going to just touch him in some sensitive places and he cums, who knows he might not have to get inside her.
She kissed his lips and he made no form of resistance whatsoever ‘i want you’
‘me, why?’
She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off exposing her flowery bra. ‘dont’ you like what you see?’
Ciara closed her eyes as Sandra applied the eye shadow on her. She missed Peter. The dude hadn’t called her since two days ago after their little misunderstanding. In fact she had tried calling him earlier and he refused to pick her call. Gosh! He was so petty.
SANDRA: Ciara, i got you a very beautiful dress, a yellow floral gown with blue belt and a blue five inches heel, your favorite, jimmy choo.
CIARA: I’m not in the mood to talk about dresses right now.
SANDRA: Ciara, what’s wrong? You’ve been unusually dull since today you know.
CIARA: i said that i’m not in the mood to talk about fashion doesn’t mean i’m dull okay?
Sandra stopped making her up and looked at her.
SANDRA: Ciara, i don’t know what to say. I don’t know where to start explaining myself. I’m not in love with Peter anymore please!
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CIARA: I didn’t ask you to explain that to me either. Sandra, i’m not in the mood to speak to you about your unrequited love for Peter right now, so just do what you were doing before, else i’m gonna be late for my shoot.
Sandra sighed in frustration.
SANDRA: Ciara, this is so not fair! It’s not fair and you know it.
Ciara shot her a deadly look ‘don’t provoke me Sandra!!’
‘i’m not trying to provoke you. I’m just trying to tell you that i’m not in love with Peter anymore. I’ve long killed my feelings for him so there’s no need for you to act insecure whenever i’m around’
Ciara stood up and slapped her across the face ‘says who that i’m insecure? I’m just protecting what’s mine!’
Sandra held her cheek painfully ‘you dare slap me Ciara?’
‘yes and i will do it again. In fact you’re fired, pick your filthy things and leave, i don’t want to ever see you again. I can easily get a new PA, duhh!’
‘Ciara, you will pay for this. I swear you will’
Ciara slapped her again ‘are you threatening me or what huh?’
‘hit me one more time Ciara and you are going six feet down’
The deadly look on Sandra’s face threatened Ciara a little, she had never seen Sandra look like that before but hell no, she wasn’t backing out. If Sandra dared lay a finger on her, then she was spending the rest of her miserable life in prison.
So she slapped her again.
Sandra knew this was the opportunity she was looking for, she opened the window blinds and peeped and saw no one in sight.
Then she grabbed the cutlery knife on the table and stabbed Ciara several times.
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To be continued….