Love And Revenge Episode 15


Sandra grabbed her handbag and rushed out immediately Ciara fell down clutching her stomach spitting out blood.
She rushed to Lex’s car, the one he had given her to be using for the while. He had three, Ann had one, he was riding one and he had given her this one to be using.
She started the engine and drove with full speed out of the compound. F–k s–t! She had killed again.
She had killed Ciara.
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Heaven knows she didn’t plan on killing Ciara that day. Ciara’s attitude and sharp mouth had put her in this condition.
Angelina(Ciara’s mother) had gone down and now Ciara was down too. Remaining Anita and that devilish father of theirs.
She was going to save him for the last. He was the last going down. She was going to kill Anita tomorrow night.
She sighed.
Her job was over. And if she was going to continue paying her bills by herself she would have to look for another job, christ!
Her account was near red, just twenty thousand naira. She hadn’t been saving. She had been a lover of fashion and everytime she recieved her salary, more than half of it went for fashion.
Her house rent was expiring this month. She had planned to ask Ciara for the money. Since she started working for Ciara, it was Ciara who paid her house rent. Infact Ciara had taken it up as her duty.
Ciara was a nice person and she didn’t deserve to die but what could she do? Her father was evil and it was a pity she was paying for it. She shouldn’t have killed Ciara.
She banished that thought from her head. Ciara deserved to die. For being Tommy Anderson’s daughter alone she deserved death and even more.
For reasons she couldn’t understand, tears flooded her eyes. She felt sad in her spirit. Ciara was dead!
No! How could she have killed her? What was she to do now? With hands still panicking, she swerved to the right and stopped the car.
She opened her purse and brought out her phone. She called Lex. Sandra and Lex rushed Ciara’s unconcious body into the car. Her clothes were all bloody and her breathing wasn’t steady.

Sandra’s heart was pounding against her chest, she was weeping uncontrollably much to Lex’s irritation.
LEX: Will you shut and stop crying? Weren’t you in your right state of mind when you stupidly slapped her huh?
Sandra sobbed ‘you don’t understand Lex’
‘yes, i don’t understand because i don’t want to understand!’ Lex said as he took control of the steering, then he looked at Sandra who was standing ‘are you getting in or should i get the hell out of here, she’s losing much blood’
Sandra sobbed and got in the car, she kept sobbing all through the drive. She regretted her actions right now. She regretted stabbing Ciara, that was a foolhardy thing to do, so unreasonable!
LEX: Call Ann.
She reached for her purse and dialled Ann’s number, it rang twice without picking.
SANDRA: She’s not picking.
LEX: Try again.
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‘ohhh ahhhh urgggh!’ Ann moaned loudly as Peter pounded her from behind.
Her head was on the table with her pink panties at her ankle, her bra gone, her skirt on her waist with her hair scattered.
She thrashed her head on the table as he pounded hard like an animal. She wanted him to c-m, she wasn’t enjoying this. As far as it wasn’t Lex, no man could satisfy her.
Chuks would have captured this already, she was just managing till he came.
‘ahhhh! Oh! Pl…..stopppp! Ummmm’ she moaned.
‘arrrghh, i’m cummingggggg babbby, i’m cummminnnggg yess’ Peter moaned from behind.
Ann sighed in relief as his breathing became ragged.
Then he stopped and withdrew.
She hissed loudly, picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom. She took a tissue and cleaned herself up as tears flooded her eyes.
She was doing this for Lex she kept reminding herself. No one else but Lex.
She dressed up, washed off her make up, went out and saw him sitting on his seat still trying to catch his breathe.
PETER: That was wonderful. Who really are you? I want to have you as my mistress right now.
Ann hissed and laughed ‘there must be something wrong with you. Do i look cheap to you or what? You can’t have me as your mistress. Go to your fiancee, Ciara okay?’
Peter frowned ‘you know Ciara?’
‘nonsense! Who doesn’t know?’
‘then….then why did you do this?’
Ann hissed and grabbed her smart phone from his table ‘have a good day’
She hissed again and stepped out of the office and straight to her car where she rested her head on the steering and almost cried.
She felt dirty.
From the day Lex deflowered her, her body had felt so committed to him, it doesn’t matter how good another guy was on bed. As far as it wasn’t Lex, she would never be satisfied.
Her phone rang again.
Then she saw six missed calls from Lex and Sandra together.
She picked the call. This time it wasn’t from them. It was from Chuks;
‘hello……yes……Peter Nino……..he’s in the office right now…..murder him… mistakes’
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