Road to Destiny – Monday (19-12-16)



In today’s episode, 
Luis buys dresses for Fernanda asking her to try all because he knows it will look good on her more than those ones she is used to and he tells her it’s his secretary Alicia who helped him to buy them and she is the same person who hired a nanny for Luis Fernandito and Fernanda says her son’s name is Pedro Fernando but Luis gets angry asking her not to dare mention that cursed name ever again because it makes him angry and causes more pain to him especially on his grandson and Fernanda becomes nervous. 
Luis pleads that she forgives and love him more than even the way she loves those so called family of hers who are very poor and Fernanda tells him that of course they are poor but one can’t replace money with happiness because in the end love rains but Luis thinks they are the cause of her hate towards him since they polluted her mind against him but he still loves her. He then left and Fernanda becomes so confused.
Carlos experiences sleepless night and goes to be with his mum to tell him how worried he feels about the situation but in all, his mum encourages him that they are surely going to find Fernanda and her grandson.
Pedro goes to lie on Fernanda’s bed waiting for her return because he misses her so much and Amelia wakes him up and encourages him not to be like that but Pedro still believes that Fernanda knows what she is doing and therefore knows she will never fail him because she will definitely look for a way to come back to them.  
Luis tells Fernanda that he knows she loves him a little bit because the day she went with his supposed Cremation to bury him, he was somewhere watching and eavesdropping her talk and he saw how sad she felt and how she was crying for him and expressing her love for him and right there he wanted to run to her and hug her to tell her that he isn’t dead but he couldn’t take that risk of being arrested again by the police. Fernanda then asks him how he escaped from prison and he explained everything to her.
Margarida tells Maribel that the truth about her life and that is she is afraid of being arrested and put inside that prison again because life outside prison is so lovely but Maribel thinks the best thing is to give herself up to the authorities. 
Luis tells Fernanda that, all the wickedness he did was for her own good because through that he has everything to help her to become a better person because of the love he has for her but Fernanda thinks he is just wicked and has no blood running through his vein to even talk about love because whatever he is feeling for her is obsession so he shouldn’t try linking her to his numerous deals because he is a murderer.
Fernanda wants to leave with Pedro but Luis won’t allow her because he is not going to leave with Pedro and if she thinks she can’t, then she should accept and stay with him because that is what he even wants them to be that is staying together as a family. 
Olivia continues to defend Diego before the police officer that her husband isn’t a criminal and therefore they should free her to go stay with him but Lucero tries speaking to Olivia to open her eyes widely since she also used to defend Diego until she saw his true colors but still Olivia thinks Lucero is the reason why Diego turned into a mean person because she broke his heart.
Fernanda dresses up and tells Luis she wants to go out to get some things for her son but Luis says she can’t leave to buy anything but should let the nanny do so.
Aldoniaz proposes marriage to Marissa with a ring and she accepts to marry him and doesn’t care how long or short her life will be but she deeply wants to spend it with him. They then blow the news to Carlos and he thinks Aldoniaz is the perfect man for her and therefore gives them his blessings because he is so happy.
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