Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 3


‘watch your tongue Ann and i mean it! I don’t lay hands on women but don’t let me use you as an experiment’ Lex warned sternly as he pushed the door and entered inside the house, Ann on his heels.
‘you will not do anything. In fact you will not dare! I want to know what game you are playing Lex, what exactly are you getting at. Whats your gain in all of this, you riff-raff’
LEX: What game are you f—–g talking about? I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. I don’t even understand you.
ANN: Hell you do! You know exactly what i’m talking about? Or you think i’m daft and stupid? That i’m still the naive sixteen year old girl you snatched from her parents huh?
LEX: I didnt snatch you from your parents. You left them on your own accord. I told you to remain with them didn’t i?
ANN: Yes. It’s all my mistake. I made the mistakes myself and i’m gonna correct them myself! Well, that’s by the way. I want to know whats going on between you, me and Chuks, i want answers right now!
LEX: What do you think is going on between me Chuks and you? Aren’t you the one sleeping with him? What else do you think is going on?
ANN: And who do you think is going to accept this c–k and bull explanation now? Me? You must be very stupid! In fact, you are stupid! There’s something fishy going on! And you must tell me right now else we both die here. Why didn’t you say anything when you caught Chuks and i in bed? And why did you suddenly declare your love for me in the presence of Chuks and his so called girlfriend? Yes, i haven’t spoken to you about this, but i want answers now, honest answers for that matter or i swear, people will see our corpse.
LEX: You can’t do anything Ann. And let me make something clear to you, Chuks and i did not plan anything. I never even knew that you guys were having s-x until i caught you guys together. So what are you now saying? That i planned everything? How’s that possible? Am i a god?
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ANN: I know you planned everything Lex. I’m hundred percent sure of that. You think you are the only smart one here right? Okay, lets play the game. I’m gonna teach you a lesson you will never forget in a hurry.
She picked her handbag from the chair, eyed Lex and left for her room.
Lex sighed. Did he make a mistake in bringing Ann back from the station?
Only time will tell.
Ciara looked up from her script. She noticed Lex’s mind was faraway, he had this distant look in his eyes. She called his name twice, he didn’t answer. Then she stood up from her chair and tapped him.
He jerked. Like someone who had been in the land of the spirits only returning back to the land of the living.
‘what are you thinking about Lex? You seem very faraway from here’ she said walking back to take her seat ‘or are you thinking of the wife and kids you left at home? Or is your girlfriend pregnant and doesn’t want an abortion?’ she joked.
Lex chuckled rubbing his hand on his head ‘indeed’
‘whats on your mind? Is something bothering you?’
‘no nothing. I’m just not feeling too well. I have this severe headache, it feels like someone is pounding my head seriously’
‘oh really?’ her lips pouted in concern ‘have you taken drugs?’
‘not yet’
‘are you allergic to drugs?’
‘no, not really’
‘i have panadol in my handbag, should i give you some?’
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‘yes please, thanks’
She smiled, handed the script over to him, walked to where her handbag was on the dressing table.
‘here’ she said handing him a cup of water and the tablets.
He smiled in gratitude, swallowed the tablets and drank the water.
‘thanks dear’
‘you are welcome’ she walked back to her seat ‘so, do you mind telling me whats bothering you?’
He scoffed ‘bothering me? Nothing’s bothering me. I just had a severe headache, it will subside soon i believe’
She gave him a knowing look then smiled beautifully ‘its not just a headache Lex. Yes, you have a headache, but something triggered the headache. Now tell me, what is it?’
‘stress. Stress triggered the headache. Ciara, i think i need to take some days off. To take care of my health. After all, you are about to act the final scene of this particular movie. Can i take a day or two off, please? I’ve been meaning to ask you’
Ciara chuckled ‘one week off you get then’ he smiled in gratitude ‘but, there’s still something bugging you. Why not spill it out? I still have about forty minutes after all. A problem shared is a problem half solved’
‘Ciara, i said there’s no…..’
‘shhh’ she said placing her index finger on her lips ‘whats bothering you? I wont ask again’
Lex sighed in surrender ‘its not something that can be shared’
‘oh!’ she said ‘so there’s really something bothering you then. Well, i just wanted to know. I understand if its something you cant share. I wont force you, just whatever it is, don’t let it weigh you down. Face it. Fate doesn’t give us problems we cant solve. Every problem has a solution’
Lex smiled ‘thanks. I wish i can share it with you. Seriously, apart from you there’s no one else i can tell’
‘then why not tell me? I’m all ears’
Lex closed his sighs toying with his fingers ‘first of all i lied. Ann isn’t my cousin, she’s my…my girlfriend’
CIARA: Hmm, that girl really sacrificed a lot for you.
LEX: Yes she did. And i’m grateful for that. I know she did all this out of love and what she just wants in return is my love. But unfortunately, i don’t love her. I don’t love her as much as she loves me. It pains me. I feel bad about that fact. I look at her so many times and i regret never loving her. She’s a wonderful woman. And i know frustration led her into having an affair with my best friend. And besides, there was a time i cheated on her, she caught me. But she forgave me anyway. So when i saw her in bed with my best friend, though i felt kind of betrayed, i decided to let the issue pass because looking for an explanation will only escalate issues. I tried making peace with her but she ignored me.
CIARA: Why did you declare your love for her when…..
LEX: I noticed she was worried through out the lunch and she wasn’t even part of the conversation. I wanted to make her relax. Because i cant bear to see her hurt. Ann’s tears is like a knife buried deep in my chest, i want the best for her.
CIARA: Let me tell you something you don’t know Lex. You love Ann and you don’t even know you do.
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