Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 2


‘i never knew you were headed here. I would have brought you along’ Lex said touching her chin. She pushed his hands away after sending him a scornful look.
She looked at Chuks too and felt nothing but hatred for him. He and Lex exchanged smiles as they ate their food.
Few minutes ago, Lex had come in with a girl whom she later knew was Chuks’ girlfriend and they had coincidentally met at the gate and came in together. She was about to leave when the said girlfriend invited her to join them for lunch and she had relunctantly agreed.
She bled in her spirit. Why was she so ill-lucked? Why was her life in shambles?
‘why arent you eating girlfriend?’ the said girlfriend of Chuks, Lillian said interrupting her thoughts ‘isnt the food delicious?’
‘eh?’ she forced a smile ‘nothing, i’m eating. And its delicious. Very delicious, just like my mother’s. You are indeed a very good cook’
‘thanks. I learnt that from my aunt. Unfortunately, i lost my mum at the tender age of six. It was my darling aunt, may her soul rest in perfect peace, who raised me up’
‘oh. So sorry about that’ Ann replied. Lillian was a chatterbox, she and Lex were the one doing the whole talking in the table. Chuks only managed to contribute once in a while. But he mostly laughed. She couldnt help but think that they planned everything. The seduction. The false proclamation of love. The busting. The silence. Even now. Everything.
Lex was mean! Heartless! Wicked! After everything she did for him, after all the sacrifices she did for him, all the pains and torture she went through for him. This was the best way to pay her back.
She felt tears gathering in her eyes ready to spill. She didnt want to start crying in front of everyone and look like the loser.
‘sorry, can i use the restroom?’ she asked, looking at Lillian who was lost in her chat with Lex.
Lillian smiled broadly ‘sure. The second door by the left’
‘thanks’ Ann said and walked to the restroom. Not that she didnt know where it was. Lex and her had come here quite a number of times, when the times were good.
She washed her face and her hands, looking directly at the mirror, her make-up had scattered. She couldnt stop the tears that kept flowing from her eyes. This was the price she had to pay for running away from home just like that. For putting her parents through shame and agony. Maybe her father had sworn that it was never going to be well for her, and it was working, after all her father was a pastor. Running away from home at the age of sixteen with a man. She was really reaping everything she sowed.
The only thing she could do was ask God for mercy. For forgiveness. She had sinned. Against God and against man. Against the baby she lost. Indeed, she was glad that she lost the baby now, what kind of a mother would she have been? Surely, a very terrible mother. She hated Lex. She hated Chuks. Hated her parents for bring her to this world. And most especially she hated herself!
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Then she made a decision. REVENGE.
She smiled within her. The enemy within? That sounded like a good idea to her.
With that made, she wiped her face with her handkerchief and walked back to the table determined to look cheerful and show everybody, especially Lex and Chuks that no one was capable of hurting her.
LILLIAN: I was on my way to check on you. You spent quite a long time in there.
ANN: Yeah. But i’m back anyway.
LILLIAN: Yeah, welcome back.
ANN: Thanks.
She took her seat besides Lex, smiled purposedly at him. She could see the surprise look on his face. Perhaps he had expected an angry look from her. Yeah, surprise! She was going to take everyone by surprise.
Chuks looked at her too and she winked at him, knowing fully well that Lillian and Lex were looking at her.
LILLIAN: What happened in there? Did you see santa or something?
ANN: I wish i saw only Santa. I saw Christ as well.
LILLIAN: Really? So how did he look like?
ANN: Why not go in and see for yourself?
LILLIAN: Hmm. I’m really glad you left for the bathroom, you are looking very cheerful now unlike before when you looked like someone who swallowed crocodile. Lex and i even gossiped about you when you left. Isnt that so Lex?
LEX: You are not a good person to be told a secret Lily, you cant even keep a common secret about who we gossiped.
LILLIAN: Helloooo, i’m not a gossip, duh! And i’m a christian, a church worker and gossiping is against my christian beliefs.
LEX: I hear you ma’am.
LILLIAN: So Ann, may i have your phone number? I’d like for us to meet up some other time and chat, just the both of us, girls talk.
LEX: And gossip the both of us right? I wont let you corrupt my fiancee. She doesnt gossip!
LILLIAN: Corrupt indeed! Every female gossips!
LEX: With the exception of my fiancee.
LILLIAN: Including your fiancee!
LEX: Except my fiancee!
LILLIAN: Including your fiancee!
LEX: You are a hopeless case Lily (turns to Ann) I love you Ann.
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