Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 1


He just smiled!
That was the part that baffled Ann the more. It had kept her restless for the past two weeks. Not able to decipher what happened exactly two weeks ago.
She had expected a fight, exchange of words, anger, confrontation, but none of that happened.
Lex had only smiled and left the room. And since then he had pretended as if nothing ever happened. There were times when he tried to start up a conversation with her about unimportant things like the situation of the country, the way the dollar was increasing each day, she never answered him. Times when he greeted her and she never responded. Times when he spoke to Chuks over the phone in her presence. She didnt know what was happening. She hadnt spoken to Chuks too since that day when he had quietly picked up his clothes with guilt written all over his face, wore them and left the house. She had locked up herself in the room for a week before finally gathering courage to come out of her room and face Lex, confront him and even give him double trouble if he wanted it. But to her utmost surprise, he had been calm, pretending as if nothing happened or he saw anything. It was really getting to her. She was feeling very guilty about what happened. It would have been better if Lex had chosen to quarel with her, that way she wouldnt feel this way.
She made up her mind to talk to Chuks about this issue. How was Lex treating him? Was this planned by both of them? Who knows, it could be a conspiracy. But why will Lex plan such a thing with Chuks for that matter? It didnt make sense.
Stepping out of her room dressed in red trousers and blue chiffon top, and a black bag, she saw Lex sitting on the sofa watching TV or at least pretending to. He was sipping from a cup, probably tea or hot coffee.
She stared at him unable to stop herself. She loved this man, she couldnt stop herself. The love in her heart right now was at bursting point.
She didn’t get it. After everything he did and said to her, she still loved him that way, how could she? Sometimes, she felt like the biggest fool ever. But what could she do? Her heart was really stupid.
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‘you look ravishing. Seems you are going out’ he said shocking her a little. She had been caught ogling him shamelessly. She blushed in embarrassment.
She walked to the door ignoring him. ‘wont you ask for your car keys?’ he asked again.
I dont need it! Ann wanted to scream but she hadnt spoken to him all this while, and she didnt want to utter a word to him really.
She eyed him, hissed and left the house.
The sun was really scorching as she trekked to the junction where she could get a cab. She almost regretted not taking her car keys from Lex, from their house to the junction was quite far and the heavy rain that had fallen last night made the road muddy.
She almost screamed in joy when she say a kekenapep coming out of another street, meaning she didnt have to get to the junction. She entered the keke who stopped in front of Chuks’ house. She paid the driver and entered the compound, kind of feeling nervous. She prayed Chuks doesnt misinterprete her visit, probably think that she came for a completion of what happened last time.
She knocked on the door hard. Then he came out. Dressed casually in singlets and boxers with a smile on his face which gradually disappeared on seeing her.
ANN: Hi.
ANN: Can i come in?
He opened the door wide for her to enter ‘sure’
She smiled, took off her slippers and entered inside sweating profusely. There was no electricity but the generator was on and so was the ceiling fan.
‘uhm…i…what can i offer you?’ he asked nervously.
‘i didn’t come here for entertainment. I came for us to talk, like some really serious talks’
‘what are….are we talking about?’
‘about what happened last time. You and i. And Lex comes in. Can you please explain that?’
CHUKS: Whats there to explain? And even if there’s an explanation to it, i cant say because i dont know. We both witnessed the same thing. We were caught in the act by Lex, simple! Whats there to explain?
ANN: Firstly, i must say that i dont like the tone you are using for me. Then secondly Chuks, i want to know if all that was planned. Because Lex hadnt said a word about it till today!
CHUKS: I’m as confused as you Ann. Sometimes i wonder if you planned all of this. You seduced me. You made me betray my best friend.
ANN: What?!
CHUKS: Yes! You are a jezebel. You wanted to destroy the relationship Lex and i share. I cant say for sure if you succeeded or not, but i promise you that you will not succeed. Its true Lex hasnt said a word about it, we are still going about our normal activites that nothing ever happened, but i assure you, nothing, no woman can come between Lex and i.
ANN: What in heaven’s name are you insinuating Chuks? Are you trying to say i seduced you? That i dragged you to go to bed with me, is that it? Didnt you say you loved me and…..
A knock on the door interrupted her.
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To be continued