Passion and Power – Monday (19/12/2016)



In today’s episode,
Julia arrives at Caridad’s compound and spots Eladio coming out of Caridad’s room with Kaleo and the confusion in her mind becomes double and quickly, she calls Arturo to ask him where they can meet.
Eladio asks Franco to be smart in dealing with Marintia if not, he is going to lose Gabby forever. So, he is asking him to be giving money every month to Marintia but should let her sign a contract that never will she let anyone know about the baby and Franco thinks seeing Marintia with that child changed his mind a lot and therefore doesn’t want to reject his son as he did to him (Franco) and Eladio just has to leave him.
Julia meets with Arturo and she still tells him that she can’t stop thinking about Eladio but Arturo thinks she has to forget him and quickly he pours some drink for the two and after Arturo wished that Julia will kiss him but she tells him that she can’t do it because she doesn’t want to make love with him just because she is furious at Eladio but if that will happen she wants it to be true love and Arturo tells her he really understands her perfectly well. They both spend the night together without any love making. 
After David having a nice date with Daniela, he drops her off at the house and he tries kissing her but she stops him asking him that she doesn’t want to get confused as it happened in Cancun but this time even if she wants them to start something, she prefers to start slowly and David looks so impressed. 
Eladio gives a cheque to Kaleo to give to Marintia to buy some things for the baby because the child can’t be blamed for the faults of his parents.
Erick wonders why Consuelo keeps rejecting him when at first she was the one who begs him for love but what he is going to do is to take his child away from her and make her suffer but Daniela thinks he should think twice since it’s not good for the child to grow seeing that his parents are at loggerheads.
Gabby tells Franco that if ever he cheats on her, she wouldn’t be able to forgive him least to think of having a child with another woman and Franco becomes nervous.
Franco goes to Caridad’s apartment to sign a cheque for her to give to Marintia and she tells him that she will be coming back to the office because Eladio employed her again. Immediately Franco left, Gabby arrives to pay Caridad a visit and unfortunately, Marintia comes out and Gabby asks her mission there and Caridad becomes so nervous and says she volunteered to help her take care of the baby whiles Marintia looks for a job and Gabby thinks the child looks so cute. She then asked who the father of the baby is and Marintia says the child’s father rejected them and Gabby wants to be of  support even though they had their differences.
Franco tells Eladio that Arturo wants to build houses at the place where the mangroves are and this will actually destroy the eco system and therefore he has a perfect plan they could use to stop Arturo from constructing those buildings but Eladio tells Franco that he actually don’t know what is happening to Arturo but he isn’t going to fight with him anymore because as of now, he prefers to concentrate on his business than to compete with Arturo in anything and Franco looks so disappointed in Eladio.
Nina goes to see Eladio to inform him that Arturo spent the night with Julia but he just asked her to get out since that is not his business. Right after she left, Julia arrives to see Eladio to ask him why he went to Caridad’s apartment and Eladio also asks her if she spent the night with Arturo and Julia looks nervous.
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