Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 4


LEX: No i don’t love her.
CIARA: Hell you do Lex. You are just scared. You dont wanna be with her. Because she’s not really innocent anymore. She’s slept with so many men. She’s into drugs. She’s slept with your best friend. But remember that you were the one who forced her into sleeping with those men.
LEX: I…i….i…i
CIARA: Ann loves you. And you love her. But you dont wanna be with her. But she wants to be with you. Or are you in love with someone else?
LEX: No.
CIARA: Give Ann a chance. She once had your baby but she lost it. Make her a happy woman by marrying her. Let all her sacrifices pay off. She really tried for you. I, personally cannot make such sacrifices for a man only to be dumped at the end, i will kill that man. I understand how you feel. But put her feelings into consideration. If Ann lays a curse on you in the nearest future, believe it or not, its going to haunt you. Fear a broken hearted woman. She’s very dangerous. And dont ever think that you can go into another peaceful relationship without Ann trying to destroy it. She could even kill the woman.
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Lex looked down speechless.
CIARA: I understand that Ann went overboard, sleeping with your best friend. But you can understand that it was out of frustration. After all, you’ve cheated on her once and she forgave you, why cant you forgive her this time around?
LEX: I’ve forgiven her. I forgave her the minute i caught them.
Ciara blinked twice in realisation ‘you mean you werent hurt, felt betrayed or something?’
LEX: No. At that instant i felt nothing. I wasnt even angry at her. I was just a little mad at my best friend. Assuming Ann was the woman i really wanted to spend the rest of my life with, Chuks would have still done the same. I’m thinking of cutting off my friendship with him. I dont really know who he is.
CIARA: Chuks? Oh! What a coincidence. Chuks was also the name of my very first boyfriend in secondary school. Remember i told you about him.
LEX: Yeah you did.
CIARA: So back to the matter. Lex you are really confusing me. I thought you loved Ann but…you not feeling angry or betrayed when you caught both of them in bed says otherwise. Perhaps you are right. You dont….you dont really love her.
CHUKS: I checked up on Abraham’s family. His wife Agnes is currently overseas for her check up. Peter is in Abuja now while Abraham is just around, dealing with some business with Anderson. And they even hired a private investigator for Sampson’s disappearance.
LEX: Really? Well, thats their business. First of all, the private investigator should not find out about anything. If possible, he should be abducted. Then secondly, i want Peter murdered, in the presence of his father. I dont know how you are going to do it but i want it done, i’m gonna pay you handsomely. I’m gonna use a different approach for Abraham’s family. By the way, what about the Nativents? Havent really come to see them for weeks now.
CHUKS: Miserable. I think they’ve given up. Each one of them is adapting to the situation. No one cries or begs to be released anymore. But Brian has heard about the death of his wife. And he collapsed. As we speak he’s still unconscious.
LEX: (laughs) Perfect! I’m so gonna teach them a lesson. I’m gonna show then what it means to watch your own family die!
ANN: Lex why didnt you drop money for food yesterday? Are you mad? Whats wrong with you? Am i a slave in this house or what?
LEX: What do you need money for? There’s everything you need in this house. I personally bought so many foodstuffs in this house so you can be comfortable. And i dropped twenty thousand naira for you yesterday. I expect that money to carry you for about two weeks.
ANN: Look at you stupid mouth. Infact, may amadioha punish that silly mouth of yours. What do you take me for? A slave? You think i’m an idiot? Or you think a paltry sum of twenty thousand naira would be enough for me in a day? Wont i have to do some shopping and look nice? Or you want everyone to know that i’m living a miserable life with a god forsaken animal like you?
LEX: Ann, watch it….
ANN: Shut up and listen to me. It is your duty to take care of me in this house. I made you Lex, if not for me you would have been nothing. Do you want me to tell you about our history? Oh! You hate hearing about it because it makes you sick. But i dont care Lex. I went into prostitution just because of you. Just so i could take care of our bills, feed you, clothe you, house you. I disappointed my parents just because of you. I turned into a w—e just for you. I turned into your s–t. Always at your beck and call. I deserve a reward. I deserve to be taken care of .Not every lady would want to waste their precious time for animals like you!
Lex lost it.
He slapped her.
Punched her.
Kicked her.
Pinched her.
Flogged her with his belt.
Till she became unconscious.
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