Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 5


‘don’t tell me Lex beat you up this way’ Lillian said looking at Ann’s wounds ‘the Lex i know will never hurt a fly, never!’
‘i never knew him to be this way too’ Ann cried ‘we were just having a little disagreement and he flared up, he gave me the beating no one has ever given me before. Tell me Lillian, what have i done to deserve all this?’
Lillian brought her head so she could rest on her shoulders ‘its okay, stop crying. Perhaps you did or said something to provoke him. I’m sure he’s gonna realize his actions and come apologizing sooner or later’
‘i will never forgive him. I didn’t do anything to deserve this Lily, why is life so unfair to me? Everything is against me. What kind of life am i living? I really feel like committing suicide Lily’
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‘shh, don’t talk like that my sister. Under no circumstance should you repeat that word, suicide. There’s no situation that you face today, and i mean NO situation at all should you attempt to take your life because no situation is worth it. Fate doesn’t give us problems we cant handle. Every situation we face in life has a solution. I might not know what you might be going through now but there’s always a way out my sister’
Ann’s sobs intensified.
After Lex had left her wounded yesterday and had not bothered to return home, she had….out of loneliness and the need to talk to someone….called Lily and the later didn’t waste time in coming.
‘stop crying my dear. Crying wont solve anything. By the way, have you eaten?’
Ann shook her head in the negative.
‘what do you have in the kitchen? Is there any cooked meal or something?’
‘there’s soup in the fridge’
‘okay. Let me make eba or semovita. And hope you’ve taken medications?’
‘what??? Ann! You would have gone to a nearby pharmacy to get some drugs. This your black eye wont just disappear oo. Anyways, i have some painkillers in my bag. After i finish the meal, while you are eating, i will rush down to a pharmacy. Then i will stay for about an hour or two before going. Chuks is calling me already’
She made to stand up when Ann held her hand. She looked at Ann enquiringly.
‘when did you start dating Chuks?’ Ann asked.
Lillian was quite surprised by the question. This wasn’t the kind of question she was expecting from someone whose boyfriend beat up this way. Nevertheless, she answered.
‘for two years now, why did you ask?’
‘two years….’ Ann muttered, looking down her feet then she raised her face again and smiled at her ‘never mind. I just wanted to know. I’ve know Chuks for a long time and i just realized i never knew he had a girlfriend. So i wanted to know when you came into his life. You guys look so perfect together, i hope you guys never end up like Lex and i’
‘oh Ann, don’t say that! You think Chuks and i don’t have our own problems? We quarrel a lot of times. In fact we just settled last week after a six month break up’
‘six months?’
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‘yes. That’s why my love, don’t think you are the only one who has problems because you are not’ With that she cat walked to the kitchen.
‘you shouldn’t have beaten Ann up that way Lex’ Chuks said after another gulp from his beer ‘i understand that you don’t love her, but that doesn’t give you any right to beat her up, don’t make her life miserable’
Lex frowned instantly. He had been trying to avoid this conversation but since Chuks brought it up, they had to talk about it.
‘do you even know that you are the genesis of this problem?’
‘genesis? How?’
‘didn’t i catch the both of you in bed? Do you even know what caused the fight? Ann accused me of planning the whole thing with you. She kept calling me names after names and i lost it. Yes, i lost it’
Chuks looked down in shame unable to say a word. He was so ashamed of himself.
‘you know you did wrong right?’ Lex asked drinking from his cup ‘you went behind my back and slept with my girlfriend. Even though i confided in you that i didn’t love her. Was that enough reason to do so? If you had loved her, why then didn’t you let me know? Or you think i’d kill you?’
‘Lex i…..’
‘its okay, don’t even think of apologizing. I have no problems with you. I’m not really angry at you. If i’m angry at you, i would not be seated here talking with you. But please, it shouldn’t happen again. If you love her, you know the right thing to do. First, you break up with Lily. Then you tell me so i’ll make it clear to Ann that we no longer have a relationship. Then you are free. If she likes you, she gives you a chance, if not….’ he shrugged as his eyes darted to the entrance as two men stepped in.
His enemies. Tommy Anderson and Abraham Martins. Memories of what happened on the 15th of March 1991 flashed into his memory.
And his hands went to the waistband of his trousers, clutching the gun tightly. He didn’t care about quiet revenge anymore. People are going to die.
And its going to be today.
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