Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 9


Immediately he walked inn, he saw Angela in the arms of another man kissing and consoling her as she cried.

Angela! How dare you! Joojo screamed on top of his voice.

Angela hurriedly hid behind the guy in fear.

What am I seeing? Chris? You? With Angela? God I’m lost! What is happening here? Joojo confusedly questioned.

Exactly what you are seeing Joojo! What else were you expecting? Chris angrily questioned back.

Slowly, Joojo sat on the floor.

God I am weak! Chris, what business do you have with Angela? My brother’s wife. Joojo questioned in tears.

Interesting Joojo! Did I hear you call her your brother’s wife? Joojo, you are simply pathetic! And I wish I could kiss this day over and over again. The day I made you, the know it all man, sit on a bear floor in tears. Chris insulted.

Now back to your questions. Angela is my girlfriend and we are planning to get married soon. He added bluntly.

What? How? Since when? Angela please wake me up from this dream! Wake me uuuuuppp! Joojo loudly screamed and began rubbing his hands in his hair.

Cut the nonsense noise Joojo! You think you were smart to have filmed me naked to disgrace me right?

Well, it is pay back time. All these silent while, has been a pay back muteness.

If you care to know, Angela and I have been lovers since the day you befriended her and abandoned her to go and rescue your brother from Mina’s hands.

Yes Joojo, that is how I met her. And she couldn’t stand the pain of you filming me naked with another woman just for your brother’s sake. You and your selfish brother! Chris angrily confessed.

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Chris, simply because of a pay back, you sent my brother to coma? Is that how wicked you could be? For sending Angela into our lives just to torment us? Joojo questioned.

It is rather unfortunate your Angelic brother couldn’t stand the game. It wasn’t part of the plans to send him into coma, but to make him feel the heat of his selfishness! And to pay you back for the nonsense game you bribed Abigail to play on me and Mina. Chris responded harshly.

Slowly, Joojo stood up from the floor.

Whoa! What a painful day! Anyway Chris, you’ve won big time! The stress, the pain, the maltreatment, the torment and all. You’ve done wickedly well and I compliment you for that. But one thing I can not compliment you for, is to see my brother dead. Chris, pray, just pray so hard, because if he does, the RISEN DEVILS in the both of you, will fall with the already FALLEN ANGEL! Joojo threatened.

And to you Angela, so all these while, you were faking love just to avenge on your supposed boyfriend’s behalf. Congratulations! But there are few questions I want you to ask yourself, that, which sound man in love, will push his beloved woman, to marry two brothers and sleep with the both of them at the same time? In case you don’t know, love is a bit of jealousy and care. So, if Chris was able to push you to sleep with us without being jealous or being fearful you might be hurt, then I think you should sit down and do your calculations well.

Women! Why are you so vulnerable? Hiding behind some supposed emotions to be wasted! What in this world couldn’t Selorm have done for you? Love, faithfulness, cars, houses, businesses, name them! Yet, you chose this selfish beast, who in his entire life has never reasoned beyond stupidity!

Angela, once again, congratulations! But please, pray, just pray with this evil guy in front of you that, my brother survives, or else, you will kiss hell whiles on earth! Joojo angrily threatened.

Whether love or not, that is not your business! Go, and save your goddamn brother if you can! Chris yelled at him.

Joojo stared at him for a while and smiled in between his tears.

Chris, you will soon get the feedback of this shit. He spoke and walked out on them.

To be continued…




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