Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 10


Chris, you will soon get the feedback of this shit. He spoke and walked out on them.

Joojo drove on top speed to a ghetto and hired kidnappers to kidnap Angela and Chris, while he attended to his brother.

In an hour and half time, the kidnappers called him.

Hello sir, the job is done! They are right here with us, but bros, you were so smart, if not, they were relocating out of the country. We actually met them packing with their passports placed on the center table. They had a flight to catch up in 30minutes. The leader of the kidnappers informed.

That’s great, please give the phone to the guy and let me talk to him. Joojo ordered.

In seconds, Chris spoke on the other side of the phone.

Joojo, don’t you think you are going to far by kidnapping us? He angrily spoke.

No my colleague devil! We are still so near! The devils in us are risen, and it is the survival of the fittest. Chris please pray, pray so hard, Selorm wakes up, if not, the fire of hell, will have it’s branch, right here on earth! Joojo angrily threatened.

Joojo please don’t kill us! I am begging you! Angela spoke at the background.

Tell your woman, our woman, to stay calm, for we have not started yet. Death is not death if it is straight forward. And like I said, pray the angel among the devils wakes up. Joojo spoke and hanged up whiles still waiting in front of the ward for Doctor Ansu to come out.

In few minutes, Doctor Ansu and his team came out from the ward in sweats.

Doc please how is he? Is he awake? Joojo nervously inquired.

Joojo, get ready, the police will soon come for you for questioning. He responded.

Meaning? Joojo fearfully asked.

Meaning, Selorm couldn’t make it out of the pain you and his wife caused him! You think we wouldn’t find out? Well, the cook is currently in police custody and she has confessed everything to them. Doctor Ansu informed in tears and walked out on him.

Noooooooooo! This is not happening! Selorm can’t do this to me! He screamed and run into the ward.

He held Selorm’s dead body in tears.

Selorm please listen to me, even if you will not wake up, just listen! I went through pain for you! I did what I did just to make you happy! Selorm, my last wish is to see you this frozen. Angela was playing a game on us! She killed you not me! Joojo screamed in tears until the nurses forced him out of the ward.

He hurried out of the hospital but left his car behind and picked a taxi to the ghetto of the kidnappers to avoid trace.

In few minutes, he arrived with tears all over his face.

Joojo what happened? Is Selorm dead? Angela questioned in fear.

What else did you expect after slushing his throat with a dagger. Well Angela, the only person who must live right now is me! Yes, me! Me because, I ought to tell the story of how an ANGEL FELL for DEVILS to RISE. Joojo spoke in pain.

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Joojo please, we didn’t mean to do this. We didn’t intend involving your brother, but when you traveled, we had no option than to involve him. We are sorry. Chris pleaded in fear.

Wow Chris, I can see you meant business! So tell me, apart from you and Angela, who else was involved in this nonsense revenge? Joojo angrily questioned.

No one else Joojo. Mina backed out after denying the pregnancy. Chris answered.

So tell me, who is Angela to you? A lover, or just a tool? He questioned.

I’m sorry to say this Angela, but she is just a tool. All the money she saved from Selorm’s account, is in my wife’s name. Chris confessed.

What! Wife? Chris? What are you talking about? When did you get married? Angela screamed in anger.

Yes baby girl, you heard him right, wife! That means, he is a married man, using a bitter and stupid fool like you for his selfish gains. Joojo cut in.

Anyway, I am not the only person who has job to do, considering how angry you are right now. He added.

Chris, tell me you are joking! Simply tell me you haven’t fooled me into believing you love me and that, we will get married after this revenge. Angela spoke in tears.

I’m sorry to disappoint you Angela, I got married to the daughter of government official after school. I am very sorry for deceiving you. Chris calmly apologized.

I swear! Chris I swear to deal with you when we are out of here! How dare you! How dare you fool me! Angela screamed in pain.

I’m sorry Angela, none of you is leaving here! We are ending this drama right here, this minute! Joojo angrily spoke.

Guys, please give me a dagger! Joojo instructed.

The kidnappers pulled out a dagger and handed it to him.

Angela, if I give you this dagger right now, what will you do with it? Joojo questioned.

Of course I will stab this useless fool over and over again for wasting my time and pushing me to push an ANGEL to FALL. Angela angrily answered.

Slowly, Joojo handed the knife to her and stepped back.

Chris struggled to fight her but Angela stabbed him on the neck severally until he fell dead.

Good job baby girl, now get your ass on the floor! Joojo commanded but Angela smartly turned to him and struggled to stab him.

To be continued…




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