Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 8


They both sadly slept.

Soon, it was morning and the two brothers prepared for work.

Joojo, I suggest you stay back home since all the work has been taken care of. I have a meeting with some CEO’s of other companies, I will call you to meet me in the office when I’m back. Selorm informed.

But bro, I want to go to the office. Joojo resisted.

I insist Joojo, please stay back. Selorm stated and walked away.

I don’t understand this! What is Selrom up to? Joojo worriedly thought.

At 11:30am, Angela walked into his room almost naked.

Angela what is going on? Do you have any idea why my brother stopped me from going to the office? He asked.

Not at all cupcake, what happens between you and your brother is none of my business. I am only here for the activation. And hey, guess what? She quizzed.

What Angela? What? Joojo unhappily questioned.

No need to yell Joojo. Your brother apologized to me yesterday for some offence his instincts have never allowed him to rest on. And the good news is, I have forgiven him. Today is our last day of making love, and afterwards, I will walk out of your lives for good. Angela began.

I promise to travel to the States and never to come back. In other not to kill your brother, I will be calling him from time to time till he gets fed up with me and forget about me. She added.

Wow! Thanks so much Angela! Joojo happily screamed.

Now come here, and give me the double dose of what you promised. She seductively spoke and pulled Joojo’s head towards her boobs.

Joojo happily made love to her for the sake of the good news.

He slowly lifted her unto the bed and began licking sweetness out of her.

Mmmmmm Joooooooo…. Oooouuuuccchhh. Angela almost screamed.

Slowly, he climbed up on her and penetrated her so deep.

Aaaaaaahhhh! Mmmmmmmm! Oooouuuuccchhh! She moaned.

Joojo slowly penetrated her crying and demanding pussy.

Before he could move his waist, his door was pushed opened.

Happy Birth Dayyyyyyyyyyy! It was Selorm.

Angela and Joojo jumped out of the bed with a loud scream.

With the cake in Selorm’s hand, he slowly hit the floor.

Joojo run in tears to him and began shaking his unconscious body.

Selorm please wake up! Selorrrrrrrrm!

Angela wore her clothes and took to her heels. She run faster in tears and fear out of the house. Joojo screamed so loud and arranged for ambulance.

Soon, Selorm was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state.

Doctor Ansu almost cried whilst attending to Selorm. His lawyers arrived, as well as some of his workers. They tried everything possible but he was still in coma.

Doctor Ansu dragged Joojo behind him into his office.

Joojo, what happened to him! He yelled.

Eeerrmm Doc, he came home from work and before I knew it, he fell down. Joojo fumbled.

This is a lie Joojo! I don’t trust you anymore! He yelled.

Now listen to me, pray his wife and the cook says the same thing when they are questioned, if not, you will be behind bars for murder! Doctor Ansu threatened and walked out on him.

Doctor Ansu with his team tried everything possible to resuscitate Selorm.

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Joojo hurried out of the hospital. He tried calling Angela but her lines were off. He drove on top speed into the house. Immediately he entered the house, the cook run to him.

Sir please how is he? She asked in tears.

Afia tell me, were you here when Selrom walked into this house? Joojo questioned.

Yes sir. He walked in with a cake in his hand and told me today is your birthday so he wanted to surprise you, hence, his refusal to allow you go to work today. Afia narrated.

Joojo raised his head up in the sky in tears.

Sir, but why did you do that? Why did you sleep with madam Emefa? Afia questioned.

Joojo quickly slapped her onto the floor!

How dare you ask me such a stupid question? Did you see me on top of her? He yelled.

No sir, but I saw madam Emefa running out of your room naked after oga Selorm had collapsed. She explained on the floor.

Now listen to me! If anyone asks you anything, simply tell them Selorm entered the house and fell down all of a sudden, do you hear me? He threatened.

Yes sir! I hear you sir! Afia panicky responded.

Afia, if you dare say otherwise, consider yourself a dead woman! Joojo threatened and drove out of the house. He angrily drove into Angela’s apartment to caution her too.

Immediately he walked in, he saw Angela in the arms of another man kissing and consoling her as she cried.

To be continued…