Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 7


Quickly, the phone fell from Joojo’s hand.

Emefa? Your wife? Joojo asked in shock.

Emefa? Did I say Emefa? Selorm asked back.

Yes bro, that was what you said. Joojo answered.

Then forgive me. Emefa has occupied my mind so much that, when I’m calling other women, I call them with her name.

Anyway, I mean Angela, your girlfriend, He quickly corrected.

Oh ok. Joojo responded in a relief.

Yes bro, it was Angela, she seriously needs my presence. Joojo lied.

That’s ok. You can leave the rest of the work for me and attend to her, but when you are back, remember to tell me the day you will bring her home for introduction. I have patiently been waiting for that, but no word from you. Selorm complained.

I will do that bro, see you soon. Joojo responded and drove out of the work premises.

He got home and Angela was nowhere to be found. Quickly, he called her.

Angela, I’m home, where are you? He asked.

I am in my apartment. The apartment your brother bought for me to entertain my guests. She responded and gave Joojo the directions to come over.

Soon, he got there and was ushered in.

It was a big five bedroom apartment with every modern item of decoration.

Joojo looked around for seconds and walked to Angela in the couch.

Angela, we are traveling on Wednesday to Benin and we ought to work on important documents. Can you please spare me today to do that? He calmly spoke.

No Joojo! Agreement is an agreement and I need you now! She objected.

Besides, I no longer want us to make love in that house, I’ve been having bad dreams lately. She added.

Well then, I promise to be here tomorrow to make love to you. Joojo stated.

We can’t meet here tomorrow because I will be entertaining my guests from Dubai. They are on their way here. So you see, it is either today or never! She explained.

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Angela please for old time sake, bear with me for today. Selorm needs me in the office. I promise to give you double of what you are requesting for tomorrow. He assured.

If double, then sure, I accept. She smiley responded and Joojo drove back to the office.

He helped Selorm throughout the day till late in the night when they got back home.

Angela as usual, pampered them food and drinks.

Whiles Selrom was happy going through the pampering, Joojo was painfully feeling the heat of it.

Soon, it was the bedtime and Angela and Selorm entered the bedroom.

Baby, thanks for coming into my life, you’ve brought me so much joy. Selorm heartily spoke.

Anything for you Selrom, I am happy to be in your life too. Thanks for making me. a millionaire. She happily spoke.

Emefa, I am sorry if I have ever offended you. He sadly apologized.

Offended me? No Selorm, you haven’t offended me in anyway. She responded.

Emy, my spirit tells me you have something against me and that, I should apologize. You know, I am only human, I make mistakes, so if in any way I have stepped on your toes, please don’t use it against me. Selorm sadly spoke.

And again Emefa, my health status isn’t something to smile about, so I may be unable to wake up someday, and if I do, I want you to be strong for my junior brother. He added.

Selorm please stop, you are getting me sad. Nothing bad will happen to you. Angela cut in and cupped him in her arms to sleep.

They both slept sadly.

To be continued…




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