Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 6


Risen devil remember? And the two fallen angels. She added and walked out on him happily.

Joojo drove to the house in tears. When he finally got home, he remembered to call Theo.

Hello Theo, how are you? I called to apologize for misbehaving towards you. He apologized.

I hold nothing against you Joojo. I understand how it feels like to be distressed especially when a loved one is involved. I went through same emotions when my mum fell sick, but the difference between you and I is that, I know that, when angry, there isn’t the need for more words nor actions and when happy, there isn’t the need to make promises. Theo began.

Joojo, there is no way, I will ever lay a finger on you in spite of anything. If I do that, it means, I have never ever cherished you in anyway. He continued.

It is so ok, to choose your brother over me, but it is so very wrong, to see him as more human than I am. Joojo, remember I abandoned my very own mother just to attend to your needs, not because you are more human than she is, but because, you are e equally human and deserve my attention too. He added.

People see friendship as mere, but when we all make our minds to see it as rare, we will love and cherish one another like there is no tomorrow. Anyway, it’s all good, I can’t force you to think the way I do, but I will plead with you not to treat anyone lesser. Due to this behavior of yours, look at how Angela is maltreating your innocent brother? You simply made her feel less and that was wrong.

Joojo, I hold nothing against you like I said, but the truth remains that, this situation is beyond me. I recommend God to you at this moment, he is the only one who can solve this complicated puzzle. Just try him, talk to him in prayers. Put your riches aside and go down on your knees. Let him know you need him, and surely, he will come to your rescue. I love you, and won’t forget to remember you in prayers. And just so you know, I have been called in few minutes ago, that, my mum has passed on. I will leave early dawn to South Africa to make arrangements for her body to be brought home for burial. Be safe. Theo sadly spoke.

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Joojo burst into a loud cry.

Theo I am sorry, please forgive me for not making you see your mum’s face before kicking the bucket. Instead of being appreciative, look at how selfish and self absorbed I have been. Please forgive me. He apologize.

Wipe those tears and be strong for your brother. He needs you now. I will call you when I’m back. Have a good evening. He responded and hanged up.

Joojo wept his eyes out in pain and misery.

The next day, Selorm was discharged home. Doctor Ansu called to issue words of caution to Joojo.

Joojo, he is back into your hands. Please know how to handle him. And as for that Angela of a wife, I tried talking to her but she walked out on me. Please, know how to handle her so she doesn’t maltreat your brother to death. He advised.

I have heard you doctor, I will do as you say. Joojo responded.

In few days, Selorm got better and began work again. He made arrangements for the signing of the contract award in Benin with his brother and a few staff.

Soon, it was the following week and Joojo was busy with his brother in the office making preparations for their Wednesday journey. He soon had a call.

Hello Joojo, today is Monday, do you realise that? It was Angela.

And so what? He asked.

And so you must activate your brother’s happiness for the week. She spoke.

I am currently busy in the office and will do that tomorrow. He responded whiles Selorm busily gathered the documents.

Well, get ready for a massive maltreatment of your brother tonight. Trust me, he won’t live to see Wednesday! Angela threatened and hanged up.

Joojo who was that? Selorm asked.

Eeerrmm a friend. He stammered.

Emefa? Selorm asked.

Quickly, the phone dropped from Joojo’s hand.

To be continued…




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