Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 5 Episode 5


You will receive more if anything bad happens to my brother. Joojo yelled.

Theo sadly looked on without a word.

In about two hours, Doctor Ansu called them into his office.

Doc please how is he? Joojo desperately asked.

Joojo, what happened? Doc Ansu inquired.

Doctor please answer my question first. Joojo pleaded.

He is alive. We’ve managed to resuscitate him and he is conscious now. He responded.

Now tell me what happened? He asked.

Doc, my friend and I wanted a lasting solution to the problem so we planned of giving Selorm a tip of the iceberg to test his strength if he can stand the whole truth. Joojo confessed.

So what did the tip of that iceberg entail? Doc Ansu inquired.

We only told him his wife has a child outside wedlock. He responded.

Joojo, you are underestimating your brother’s condition, and if you don’t take care, you will loose him. Doc Ansu began.

What in God’s name is wrong with you? Did you have to risk his life that way? Considering how much he loves and trusts his wife? Joojo listen to me, if anything happens to your brother and you are responsible, his lawyers will take you on. Be very careful on the things you tell him, because his life is in your hands. Doc Ansu angrily warned.

I’m sorry Doctor, it won’t happen again. Joojo apologized.

And to you young man, this problem is beyond your capabilities and I suggest you stay out of it before killing that hardworking young man. He turned to Theo and warned.

Theo quickly apologized and walked out of the office.

So tell me Joojo, what are you going to tell him now that he is awake? Doc Ansu asked.

I will deny ever saying anything as such. I will lie to him that he was only hallucinating. Joojo responded.

I think that is better. Now let’s go and see him. Doc Ansu stated and walked into the ward with Joojo behind him.

Joojo hugged Selorm so tight in tears.

I’m sorry for the stress bro, please forgive me. He whispered.

Joojo what happened? The only thing I remember was us talking happily, and the next minute, I woke up on a hospital bed. Selorm asked.

Thank goodness he doesn’t even remember what happened. Joojo thought.

Yes Selorm, we were talking and you felt dizzy, but hey, you are fine now. Joojo responded.

Anyway where is Theo? Why didn’t he come to see me? He asked.

He came bro, he just left here few minutes ago. He will be here to see you tomorrow. Joojo answered.

He stayed by Selorm till late in the night when Angela came to release him to go home.

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When Joojo was about entering his car, Angela walked to him.

How may I help you risen devil! Joojo insulted.

Wow, I love this name. Anyway fallen angel, I hope you didn’t try anything silly by telling Selorm anything about me, because if you did, then he will continue fainting over and over again! She teased.

Angela, why at all are you doing this? Please let me pay you off so you divorce us. Joojo pleaded.

Do you think filling for a divorce will help? Or you have soon forgotten your brother has the weakest heart to contain any bad news? She quizzed.

Joojo, just shut up and enjoy the shit! Be married to me and perform your duties while your brother does his part as my second husband. Isn’t that lovely? She teased.

Risen devil remember? And the two fallen angels! She added and walked out on him happily.

To be continued…




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