Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 11


Joojo what is it? Selorm run to him and asked.

Sorry for scaring you bro, but I must say, your wife is the most prettiest lady in this world. Joojo responded.

Naughty you Joojo! You scared me. I’m even feeling dizzy, let me sit down. Selorm responded in relief and sat down.

Anyway Joojo, meet my wife Emefa. Emy, please meet my brother Joojo. Selorm introduced.

Emefa walked to Joojo and shook hands with him. Nice meeting you Joo. I’ve heard a lot about you, and I am so happy to have finally met you. Emefa happily spoke.

Same here beautiful. Nice meeting you. Joojo responded in confusion and walked into his room.

God! This is not happening! Angela? Now Emefa? This isn’t happening! He thought in anger.

And wait a minute, why is she behaving so normal as if she doesn’t know me? Or that is her twin sister? He further thought.

I can’t wait till morning for Selorm to leave this house. I must talk to Angela and find out from her why she has changed her name and why she’s married to my brother instead of waiting for me as agreed and how come she has dropped out of school and with what certificate she was working with in the company. He tossed on the bed in thoughts till morning.

Around 7am, Selorm went to knock at Joojo’s door.

Joojo are you there? He called.

Joojo quickly rushed out to talk to him.

Good morning bro, are you off to work? He asked.

Yes Joojo, Emefa is stressed up so she won’t be able to make it to work today, but her sales girls will do the job. Kindly attend to her needs till I come back. Selorm spoke.

Joojo stared at his brother’s innocent face without knowing what to tell him.

Should I inform Selorm he’s married to my wife? The woman of my heart, the woman I’ve ever slept with? The woman he so much despised because she had a child? He thought.

No! Doc Ansu has cautioned me against giving him any heartbreaking information. Besides, I don’t want him dead. He again thought.

Joojo, are you alright? You seem absent minded. Selorm cut in.

No bro! I am here with you, just that, I also have a small headache. He lied.

Sorry about that, but try and get some pain killers before I come back. Selorm responded and walked away.

Joojo waited for a while and bumped into Emefa in his brother’s room.

Joojo, what’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you knock. She angrily spoke.

Angela, you owe me explanations to this drama and I suggest you start talking! Joojo stated in anger.

I owe you no explanations as to what I do with my life! What matters is I am married to your brother, and you must respect that. She harshly spoke.

I don’t have any problem with your choice Angela, but for crying out loud, you can’t be sleeping with two brothers! Besides, you and I secretly wedded in the court before I traveled, so how on earth could you have married my brother? What is your reason for doing this? Joojo questioned almost in tears.

My reason is simple Joojo, I love you two! She answered.

And for your information, I didn’t know Selorm was your brother! She added.

Angela, even if you didn’t know, you should have respected the marriage vows we both made in the court! Joojo screamed.

So tell me, why has your phone been off since I traveled? He asked.

I lost my phone. She responded.

And you couldn’t go for the same SIM? Joojo questioned.

That was because you registered the card in your name, remember? She responded.

So why didn’t you wait for a divorce before getting married to my brother? He asked.

Joojo, I met your brother, and fell in love with him, that was why we got married. Angela responded.

That means, you haven’t legalized your marriage with him right? He asked.

That doesn’t matter Joojo, what matters is that, the society and our families know us as husband and wife. She answered.

And why did you suddenly drop out school? And with whose certificate did you apply for job in the company? Joojo probed further.

Why so many questions Joojo? This is my life and you must respect that. Besides, I don’t think I owe you any explanations to my happiness! Angela screamed.

Angela, this must not happen! You can’t be married to my brother and I! Joojo angrily spoke.

So what are you going to do about it Joojo? Inform your brother? She questioned.

Yes I have to! Selorm must know about this! Joojo threatened.

Well, I dare you to! In case you’ve not been informed, your brother’s heart can not contain bad news, and it is at your own risk to inform and loose him. Joojo, choose the best option! Angela spoke.

Angela, fine! I don’t want my brother dead, so I suggest we get a divorce so you can continue to be with my brother! Joojo suggested.

No Joojo! We ain’t getting any divorce now or ever! I love you and it must remain that way! Angela screamed.

A life with the devil! A risen devil in my home!

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Angela, I thought you were human, but since you can’t reason, I think I can confidently call you a mad animal!

What are you thinking? Listen to your devil self! You want to be married to me and my brother as well? No! Not in this life! Joojo screamed with insults.

Call me all the names you want Joojo, but the reality still remains that, I am married to you and your brother! She angrily responded.

Now if you don’t mind, walk out of my matrimonial room! She yelled.

Your matrimonial room indeed! Angela, there are lots of questions you must answer. You can’t get away with this! Joojo screamed as he walked out.

Sure husby, I will do that, but not now! One question at a time. Angela teased behind him and closed the door.

To be continued…