Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 12


Sure husby, I will do that, but not now! One question at a time. Angela teased behind him and closed the door.

Immediately Joojo stepped out, he was approached by the cook.

Sir, I hope oga Selorm’s wife hasn’t offended you in any way, because I overheard you screaming at her. She questioned.

How does that concern you? Do I owe you any explanation? Joojo answered in anger.

No sir, but I equally don’t like her. My spirit tells me she’s a bad person. She informed.

How? Joojo quizzed.

She makes numerous calls when oga Selorm is out of the house. And the way she talks, I feel she’s cheating on him or something. She narrated.

I don’t think she is that bad, just treat her as your boss’s wife and save yourself the stress of hatred. Joojo dismissed and walked into his room.

God! Angela why? Why do you have to do this? What if Selorm finds out? God please protect my brother because he is innocent of all these. He is the angel in our midst. Joojo silently prayed.

Soon, it was evening and Selorm returned from work.

Joojo was invited to the dining table by Angela/Emefa.

My husbands, food is ready. She called them from the sitting room.

Isn’t she lovely? Listen to the way she is calling us. Selorm whispered to Joojo.

Joojo reluctantly ate the food and walked back into his room.

At exactly 2am, Emefa entered his room.

Angela, what are you doing here? Where is my brother? Joojo whispered in fear.

He is fast asleep Joo, just calm down. She whispered back.

Calm down for what Angela? What in God’s name are you doing here? Joojo angrily whispered.

Joojo, can’t I come into my matrimonial room without being questioned? She whispered back.

Matrimonial room? Angela, how many matrimonial rooms do you want to have in your life? I don’t understand what you are trying to do, but whatever it is, count me out. Joojo angrily whispered.

This is no game Joo, by the will of destiny, I am married to two men, and I must perform my duties accordingly. Now just relax, close your eyes and reminisce those days when we used to make slow love. Those days when you used to push me so hard from the back and make me reach orgasm like crazy. She seductively spoke and tried touching Joojo.

Joojo angrily pushed her against the wall.

Angela, whatever devil risen in you, will soon be casted out! Now get your confused self out of my room. Joojo spoke in anger.

Really? Joojo really? You mean to say that, you won’t make love to me right Well, your fragile hearted brother Selorm, will pay dearly for this! I will maltreat him to death! She threatened and walked out.

When she entered the room, Selorm was still sleeping.

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Selorm wake up! Why are you sleeping like a fool! She insulted.

Why the insults Emy, what’s wrong? He sleepily questioned.

Selorm, have you or have you not realized the washroom is dirty? She questioned.

I have Emefa, but that is the work of the cleaners and you must supervise them to do it. He responded.

Not anymore Selorm, I don’t ever want any cleaner to enter my matrimonial room. Henceforth, it is your duty to clean it. Do you understand? She instructed.

If that is what will make you happy, sure I will. Selorm calmly responded.

Now get up and go and scrub the place! She yelled.

Now? Emy, it is 2:25am for God’s sake. Selorm surprisingly responded.

And so what? Get your lazy self up before I scream this house down! She commanded in anger.

Out of fear, Selorm got up from the bed and entered the washroom.

God, what is happening? Why is Emefa behaving like a mad person? He thought as he scrubbed.

To be continued…




  1. The episodes r short n and the seasons too r too much, pls do something about it cos it making the story no more interesting

  2. it is a nice story tho but too long. The story shld have ended when Chris, Abigail n Mina were exposed.

  3. Yeah,just like Manye,the story is interesting but the episodes are really smaller and the posting interval is long compared to other stories, how l wish the episodes are as long as those of the brat and the she devil,thanks,

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