Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 10


Selorm happily walked away to talk to Mrs Ansu.

Joojo, glad we are alone, now let’s talk. He began.

I’m all ears Doc. Joojo responded.

Joo, your brother needs you now more than ever. His condition is gradually deteriorating and I believe it’s because of over thinking and stress. Doc Ansu spoke.

What? Doc, can’t you do anything to help? Joojo almost screamed.

I can’t but we can. I mean you and I. Joojo, you don’t have to give him any cause to worry or to be sad. You don’t need to break any bad news or whatsoever to him. You also don’t have to stay away from him. While you do this, I will be doing my part, of serving him the best and quality medications, as well as educating him from time to time on things he must and must not do. I think with these, we can keep him alive. Doc Ansu advised.

I promise to do as you’ve said Doc, I don’t want him to die. He is my only hope, and loosing him will be the end of my life. Joojo sadly spoke.

Come on Joo, be a man and cheer up. He must not see you sad like this, or else, he will be sad too. Doc Ansu advised.

Selorm smiley walked to them.

Hey guys, enough of the gossip! Mrs Ansu requires our presence. He informed.

They all walked to her and the rest of the guests and began their champagning and dinning.

They really had fun until late in the night when Selorm had a call from Emefa.

Hello baby, what’s up? Selorm spoke.

Selorm, I’m back home, please where are you? She asked.

I thought you said you will be back tomorrow? Selorm questioned.

Yes honey, I decided to surprise you. Now tell me, where are you? She asked.

Well guess what? Selorm happily spoke.

What? She asked.

Joojo is back and we are having fun at Doctor Ansu’s birthday party. Selorm informed.

Wow! Unbelievable! Have been waiting all my life for this day! You guys should come home quick quick! Emefa screamed happily and dropped the call.

Joojo, my wife is back, and we must get back home. Selorm informed.

Really? Selorm, I am waiting for you in the car. Joojo happily screamed and run out into the car.

Doc Ansu, thanks for tonight. The food and the drinks, we shall meet tomorrow. Anyway my wife is back with your birthday present so will bring it to you tomorrow. Selorm spoke.

Thanks for gracing the occasion Selorm. I’m happy for the come back of you and your brother, please do well to maintain the love. He responded.

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Joojo kept blowing the car horn in the compound just to let Selorm know he was waiting.

I have to go Doc, Joojo is too desperate to meet Emefa. Selorm stated and hurried out.

They drove on top speed into the house.

Emefa was comfortably seated in the couch when the two brothers entered the house.

Joojo run to hug her so tight.

In seconds, he freed her off to have a clearer view of her face.

Immediately he saw her, he screamed so loud and fell into the couch, it was Angela, my only Angel

To be continued…




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