Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 9


Joojo drove her to her home and drove to his.

Selorm was so happy to see him.

Welcome back home baby bro, how was the semester? Selorm inquired.

Tiring bro, but I managed to sail through. He answered.

You ought to be strong. I can’t wait for you to complete school so that I hand over everything to you and take some rest. The work is too time consuming and stressful. Selorm complained.

From the way you are complaining Selorm, I suggest we forget about my masters degree and join you right away after the first degree. Joojo said.

Not at all Joojo! You must read your masters before joining me in the company. Almost all the employees are first degree holders and you can’t be their head with the same qualification. Don’t forget I am having my PhD. Selorm advised.

Anything you say Selorm. After all, it is just two years and I will soon finish. Joojo agreed.

Anyway when is school reopening? Selorm inquired.

I have six weeks to stay at home bro, but I promise to help you with your computer works.

That’s a good one. Thanks in advance. He responded.

Days passed and his stay at home became more stressful than he presumed. Selorm pushed half of his office work on him and he had no time at all to spend with Angela.

One afternoon, Angela called to complain.

Joojo, what is happening? You hardly call me. She unhappily talked.

I’m sorry Angel, my brother is consuming all my time. Anyway, can I come over tomorrow to visit you and our daughter? Joojo asked.

No Joo, my dad is home and he won’t be happy about that, same as your brother won’t be happy seeing me in your home. She responded.

Don’t worry my baby, school will reopen soon, and we have all the time for ourselves. And like I discussed with you earlier, when I’m finally done with school, I will introduce you to my brother and the marriage preparations will begin. Joojo assured.

That sounds pleasant Joojo, but hey, Saturday is 14th, remember? She asked.

Yaaaasss! It’s your birthday. I can’t believe I almost forgot this important occasion. Anyway baby girl, Saturday is ours and nothing is gonna stop us from celebrating. Joojo promised.

Where are we meeting? Angela asked.

Our usual club. The club of class. Joojo responded happily.

See you then. I just can’t wait. I will inform my father I’m traveling, so that I can have all the day to myself. I will book a room for us, so please, do well to inform your brother you ain’t coming home that night. Angela advised.

They happily conversed for a while and hanged up.

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Soon, it was Saturday and Joojo informed Selorm of going out.

Bro, a friend is celebrating his birthday and I’ve been invited. Joojo informed.

You can’t go Joojo, there is something you must do for me. Selorm turned down.

Not today Selorm, I must attend this birthday party. Joojo insisted.

What is so special about this than the rest you couldn’t attend? Joojo, I insist you don’t leave this house. He commanded.

Selorm please, it is the birthday of my girlfriend. Joojo confessed almost in tears.

What? Girlfriend? Joojo you? Selorm questioned in disappointment.

I’m sorry Selorm, but I’m aging. Joojo calmly pleaded.

Leave my presence Joojo, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Selorm angrily spoke and walked out on him into his room.

What is all these? Can’t Selorm stop being this possessive and allow me to live my life? Joojo soliloquised.

Whether he likes it or not, I will attend this birthday party. He thought and went inside to dress up.

Soon, he finished and drove out of the house.

To be continued…