Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 10


Soon, he finished and drove out of the house.

In ten minutes, he was at the club.

Angela happily run to hug him and they both walked inside.

They ordered their drinks and began drinking and dancing.

Angela was so drunk and all over Joojo.

Whiles dancing, Joojo accidentally stepped on someone’s toes and he quickly turned to apologize.

I’m sorry madam, it wasn’t deliberate. He apologized and held her leg.

When he raised up his head, he felt dizzy.

Abigail! What are you doing here? She almost screamed.

Abigail hurriedly held her man and they walked away from the scene.

Joo do you know her? Angela inquired.

Yes I do, she is one of my brother’s workers in our company. She is a married woman and I wonder what she is doing here. Joojo explained.

Her presence here is her own cup of tea, let’s concentrate on us. Angela dismissed and continued dancing.

Deep in the night when they were both tired and exhausted, they decided to go into their hotel room to rest.

Angel please, let me use the washroom, I will be back. Joojo asked permission and walked away.

Immediately he entered the washroom, he bumped into Abigail and her supposed boyfriend making love.

Abigail quickly pulled her panties up while the guy faced the wall to avoid shame.

Joojo stared at Abigail for seconds and walked out.

This is unbelievable! The wife of a Pastor? What has come over Abigail? He thought as he walked on.

He went for Angela and they walked out of the club.

Just when they were entering the car, someone held the door.

Hey Joojo, I can see you have a pussy at your disposal this night. It was Chris.

Talk of the devil! Chris, how does that concern you? Joojo angrily questioned.

Not really important to me but hey, take it easy on her. From the way you are moving in haste, I presume you ain’t gonna spare her. Chris teased in his drunken state.

And who are you to warn my man on how to make love to me? Angela yelled.

Calm down Angel, it is obvious he is drunk. And to you Chris, get a life! Joojo insulted and banged the door of his car.

Sure I will Joojo! And when I do, you will be the first person to notice it! Chris screamed behind the car as they drove off.

That guy really has guts! Angela angrily talked when they got to the hotel.

Take him off your mind and let’s have fun. Joojo whispered and began kissing her all over.

They made love throughout the night till the next morning when Joojo took Angela back to her house.

Angel, before you get down, please close your eyes. Joojo said.

Angela did as instructed and Joojo removed a gold bracelet from his pocket and put it on her wrist.

Now open your eyes. He said.

Wow, this is so beautiful Joo! I simply can’t believe my eyes. Thanks a lot, I couldn’t have wished for anything better on my birthday. Angela happily exclaimed.

Now take this envelope of money, and buy some toffees and cakes for my baby girl. I wish I could see her face, but… Joojo spoke.

Yes will surely see her face. Thanks for the gift and money. God bless you. Angela responded and got down from the car.

Joojo drove back home in excitement.

I simply can’t wait for the day I will make Angela my wife. He thought.

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In seconds, he had a call from an unknown number.

Hello who do I have here? He asked.

Joojo this is Mina. I called to let you know I am pregnant. She spoke.

Wow! Congratulations!

What next? Did you call to make me jealous or to borrow money to take care of that bastard? Joojo quizzed.

None Joojo, I called to let you know you are responsible. She harshly responded.

Hahahahahhaha! This is interesting! Did Chris tell you to do this or it’s by your own foolish reasoning? Mina listen to me, I don’t know what you are talking about! Besides, I don’t remember ever sleeping with you! Joojo yelled.

You lie bad Joojo! Chris slept with me using condom. You are the only man I’ve had unprotected sex with in the last few weeks. This pregnancy is yours. Mina angrily explained.

Wow! This is becoming interesting! Mina, if you’ve soon forgotten, I have a video of you and Chris having sex! And that video contained no condom of Chris’ national prostitution dick! If you doubt me, let’s meet in court and analyze the video very well. Joojo angrily spoke.

Mina, bring it on, and I promise to cause you the modern embarrassment of your life! You primitive cheap slut! Joojo insulted and dropped the call.

Mina called him back severally but he refused to answer. He blacklisted her numbers and drove angrily home.

Soon, he arrived and met Selorm in the sitting room.

Joojo, don’t enter this house, just go back from where you slept! Selorm angrily spoke.

To be continued…