Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 8


Immediately he landed with his words, Angela slowly pushed the door opened and walked in.

She stood right in front of Joojo with teary eyes.

Eermm Joo, I will see you later. Theo stated and walked out quickly.

Joojo I’m sorry. I know I haven’t been fair to you, but in all that, I am sorry. Angela apologized with tears running on her cheeks.

Joojo hurriedly stood up and held her hands.

Angel please, I hate to see a woman cry. Please wipe those tears and let’s talk. Joojo calmly spoke.

Joojo look into my eyes, the Angela you see here is symbolic of pain. I have gone through a lot of stress and I was only avoiding intimacy with you in other to avoid another. She explained.

Angel, what pain can lead a beautiful lady like you to go out every night with men to drink alcohol? There are lots of unanswered questions about you, please help me answer them. Joojo pleaded.

Joo, I don’t go out with men, I only go out with my female friends. The car you see dropping me off was my bosom friend Diana, who works with a bank. Angela began to explain.

Diana and I have seen it all in this life, so we only go out to drink our pains away. She added.

Angel, did you just say you’ve seen it all? Angel, is that how you see it? Well, if you’ve seen pain, I don’t think you’ve ever seen the antidote. Joojo began.

Angel look into my eyes. I may not be all you’ve ever wished for, but I know, I am the major part of that. Trust me Angel, I am the antidote to your pain. Joojo softly spoke.

No Joo, my pain has no antidote. I am a beautiful present with an ugly past. A shining sun, with a dark star. Joojo, this life detest people like me. Families reject me. Angela spoke in tears still.

I am lost Angel, please be specific. What exactly are you talking about? Joojo inquired.

Joojo, I am a baby mama. I mean, I have a baby with another man who refused the pregnancy. Due to that, no man ever wants to associate himself with me. When I enter into a relationship, it breaks. All because I have given birth. Angela confessed.

Joojo bowed down his head in tears.

You see Joojo, you see how disappointed you are? Angela with a teary voice sadly spoke and began walking away.

Joojo held her hand from behind and pulled her closer. He stared so deep at her and slowly began kissing her. They kissed, romanced and made love. With his dick inside her, Joojo began to talk.

Angel, this is my commitment to you. My dick inside you, is my heart donated to you. You are the first woman I have whole heartedly made love to. Angel, I accept you and your baby into my life. I promise to marry you and make her my child.

We will build our lives together, and our empire, will be built around her. Joojo heartily spoke with his heart beating so fast.

Angela’s tears refuse to cease flowing.

Cry no more beauty, your antidote is found. I won’t ever call you a baby mama, rather a mother. Joojo continued.

Not all women avail themselves for children to pass through them. Some take pills to prevent them from coming, and others kill them when they come. Angel, you are a mother! Yes you are! For availing yourself for that innocent baby to pass through you. For going through pains all because of her. For loosing relationships because of her. You are not just a mother, but a strong one as that. Joojo complimented and continued making love to her.

They made love several minutes before they stopped.

Joojo, I look at you and I see nothing less than a true man. Thanks for bringing me hope, my heart will forever belong to you. Angela spoke.

The two love birds spent the night together conversing and making love.

Their relationship became so glaring. People began to talk about them.

They did almost everything together. Shopping, outing, swagging and loving all up.

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Soon, the semester was over and they had to go back to their various homes.

Joojo called Theo for an end of semester conversation.

Theo, thanks for being there for me, I much appreciate you. He said.

And thanks too for lending me your ears for my advice, you are such a humble soul. But hey, what’s up with you and Angela, are you going to introduce her to Selorm? Theo inquired.

Not yet Theo, Selorm wants me to complete this school before anything else, and since next semester is our last on this campus, I will introduce her to him afterwards. I really want to marry her immediately after school. Joojo explained.

That’s my man! I like your honesty. Anyway, be safe. Theo bid.

Joojo drove Angela to her home and drove to his.

To be continued…