Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 7


Angel, this is not you, the alcohol is overriding your reasoning, please let go off me. Joojo pleaded and tried pushing her off.

Angela held him so tight and began rubbing her boobs on his chest.

Angel stop this, please stop! Joojo resisted but she was already stripping her clothes off her body.

She stripped totally naked and Joojo could either move nor talk.

Before he knew it, they were passionately kissing.Joojo made a slow love to her over and over again per her request. They both fell deeply asleep around 3am.

At exactly 4:30am, Angela’s phone began to ring. She quickly woke up and answered.

Hey, good morning. She confusedly greeted while staring angrily at Joojo by her side.

Angela, you didn’t call to bid me good night as you always do after dropping you off. I tried calling but you never answered. What happened? The caller questioned.

I’m sorry, I slept off. The alcohol took my conscience away. She apologized.

That’s alright, remember we have a date this afternoon. Have a good morning. The caller stated and dropped the call.

Angela who was that? Joojo woke up and questioned.

Who was who? Joojo, if you know what is good for you, better start explaining yourself or else? Angela angrily responded.

Explain what Angela? Joojo questioned.

Explain what you are doing in my room half naked and me, fully naked. She almost yelled.

I don’t understand this. After forcing me to sleep with you, what are you saying? Joojo became confused.

Me? Forced you? Jeez, I can’t believe this! So you made love to me? Angela questioned almost in tears.

Angela, I resisted! Joojo screamed with a trembling voice.

And what happened? She screamed back.

And you insisted. He calmly answered.

Wow! You rather resisted and I insisted right? Joojo, didn’t you realize I was drunk? Are you aware you’ve just raped me? Angela bantered.

Joojo instantly went down on his knees.

I’m sorry Angel, I never thought of that. I should have resisted harder, but I thought you might be offended.

If you know what is good for you jonky, just pick your clothes and run out of this room. Angela instructed.

Angel, I am sorry. Don’t sound as if we ain’t in any relationship at all. Joojo pleaded.

A relationship? You and I? Joojo, have I accepted your proposal? Have I? She yelled.

I thought you have Angela. He answered.

Next time, don’t assume, rather be sure! Now get out! She angrily sacked.

Joojo wore his clothes and drove out of the hostel.

He angrily threw himself on his bed immediately he entered his room.

What at all is happening? Why am I loving a lady who doesn’t love me? He thought.

Anyway, it’s about time I take her off my mind. After all, numerous ladies on this campus want to have me to themselves. He further thought.

Days passed by and Joojo had never called Angela.

He went about his normal duties of visiting his brother often and attending lectures.

Theo was always there for him anytime he need an advice.

On the third week, Angela called.

She called several times but Joojo didn’t answer.

Joojo, I suggest you answer her calls and listen to what she has to say. Theo advised.

What does she have to say, after accusing a gentle person like me of rape. Something she personally requested for. Theo, I don’t want to have anything doing with her! She must go away! Joojo unhappily responded.

Joojo, before you judge someone of his or her actions, first of all know their story. Theo spoke.

The Angela I see, might have gone through some terrible life experiences, that is why she is behaving so weird. Theo added.

What about the outings? What about the cars that drop her off? What about the alcohol she drinks? Theo, don’t be deceived by looks, that lady is too complicated to be understood. Joojo spoke.

The cars, the outings, the alcohol might not be explainable at this moment, but it will, someday. Don’t underestimate a woman who has ever gone through pain, she can as far go to romance stones, just to be happy. Theo continued.

Joojo, Angela needs you to make a change, you must delete the letter “E” at the beginning of your Ego, and deal with the rest of the letters “go”. Yes Joojo, GO! Go ahead and make her whom you want her to be. Theo wisdomly spoke.

Immediately he landed with his words, Angela slowly pushed the door opened and walked in.

To be continued…