Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 6


Slowly, Joojo moved his head closer to hers and tried kissing her.

She quickly pushed him off and stood up to leave.

Angel please don’t go! I am sorry. He pleaded.

Joojo listen to me, I am not one of those girls you can easily penetrate! I ain’t desperate nor cheap! She yelled.

Angel please I’m sorry. He apologized but she walked out on him.

God what have I done? He screamed and kicked his leg against the wall.

Few minutes later, Theo walked into his room.

What’s up with you Joojo? I just got back from the bank. He said.

Theo I messed up! Joojo bitterly spoke.

How? He inquired.

Angela visited, and after few minutes talk, I don’t know what pushed me towards her. I tried kissing her and she got angry and walked away. He narrated.

That was really bad Joo! Did you have to move that fast? Theo unhappily responded.

I messed up Theo, but trust me, it wasn’t my fault! Joojo spoke with teary eyes.

Listen Joojo, not all women are weak, some of them have enough experience to resist temptations. Theo began.

I have not gone too close to Angela, but I see decency in her. You ought to be careful the way you handle her, or else, you might loose her. Theo advised.

Sure bro, thanks for the advice, I will see her in the evening and apologize to her. Joojo responded.

Anyway how is Chris? It’s been days since I saw his womanizing face. How are the both of you coping in that room? Joojo inquired.

He is around Joo. He keeps himself busy from talking to me by making numerous calls to his numerous girlfriends. This semester will soon end, I won’t be in the same room with him next semester. Theo explained.

I understand how you feel Theo, his attitude might be nauseating but please endure. Like you rightly said, the semester will soon be over. Joojo advised.

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Later in the evening, he drove to Angela’s hostel to see her but as usual, she had gone out.

He waited deep in the night. He called her several times but she refused to answer.

After several hours of waiting, she came back.

Hey Joojo, you didn’t call me. She spoke.

I called Angel, but you didn’t answer. Where are you coming from at this hour? And who was that guy who just dropped you off? He unhappily questioned.

All these questions for me? Joojo, am I in an exam hall or something? Angela questioned back.

Anyway let’s get into my room and talk, the walls have ears. She added.

They both walked into her room and she offered Joojo a seat.

Angela, the way I see you is different from what you are portraying. Can you please answer my questions? Joojo insisted.

I have told you times without numbers that I have the right to my privacy! She answered.

Angela, look at you! Just look at what you are wearing! This skimpy dress exposing almost your boobs. And the smell coming out from your mouth is so alcoholic. Joojo complained.

That is because I drink. Joojo, unlike you, I take alcohol. She responded.

Why don’t you stop? Angela, this attitude doesn’t befit you and my brother will not be happy to find out the woman I want to marry drinks alcohol! Joojo almost screamed.

Spare me the sermon Joojo! Your brother this! Your brother that! Are you living your life to please him? If you think you can not love me like this, just take a walk! She yelled.

I’m sorry Angela, I didn’t mean to upset you. I only want the best for you. Joojo calmed down and responded.

Now come on here, and show me how much you love me. Angela tipsily spoke and pulled Joojo towards herself.

Angel, this is not you, the alcohol is overriding your reasoning, please let go off me. Joojo pleaded and tried pushing her off.

To be continued…