Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 5


Angela reluctantly called the numbers to him and walked away.

Joojo sat in his car and bowed down his head on the steer.

God help me, I don’t want to loose this lady. I love her so much and want to make her my wife. He prayed for seconds and drove away.

Immediately he got to the hostel, he began texting her messages.

Angel, I am sorry for abandoning you. Like I said, I am back now.

And like I said, I have heard you. She texted back.

But hey Angel, you looked gorgeous and sexy in your outfit. Whoever took you out on that date was lucky. Joojo jealously texted.

Indeed he was. She texted back.

He? Now you are making me jealous. May I please know who? Joojo texted.

That is suppose to be personal, don’t you think so? She texted back.

Sure, but since we are friends now, I think we can share everything. Joojo texted.

This friendship shouldn’t deprive me of my privacy. I am a woman, and have the right to keep my stuff to myself. She unhappily texted back.

I’m sorry Angel, I didn’t mean to coerce you. Joojo texted.

Less than a month in this friendship, and you seem to be apologizing every second. You are getting boring already. She texted back.

I am sorry. Joojo texted.

There you go again Mr Sorry. Anyway good night. She texted and slept off.

Jeez what is this! Just when I am falling in love, I seem to be maltreated. I know she is mad at me, and I must do everything possible to win her to myself. And wait a minute, I hope she didn’t go on that date with one of these guys? He deeply thought till sleep carried him away.

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Days quickly passed by and Joojo’s love for Angela kept intensifying.

He bought her various gifts to woo her. From dresses to shoes, from shoes to perfumes, from perfumes to panties. Gradually, Joojo won her attention. She began visiting Joojo again.

Angel, you seem reserved about a lot of things, can you please tell me something about your family? Joojo asked.

Nothing much to tell Joojo, as you already know, my name is Angela Doe, and I am the second born of my parents out of the four siblings I have. As you already know, I am an engineering student in level 100. She opened up.

Wow, I can’t wait to meet your family. I think they are all beautiful like you. Joojo playfully asked.

Yes they are. You will meet them someday. She answered.

Now tell me something about your love life. Joojo inquired.

Nothing much to tell. I had a man in my life who happens to be a CEO of an oil company, but we are no more. She answered.

Good news! That means, Joojo is lucky right? Joojo almost whispered.

I can’t really tell for now Joojo, I ought to be sure of you first. She answered.

Joojo moved a bit closer to her and began staring deep into her eyes.

Angel, just look at me, I am dying to have you in my life. You are everything in a woman that I need. He whispered.

Angela stared back into his eyes silently.

Slowly, Joojo moved his head closer to hers and tried kissing her.

To be continued..