Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 4


Anyway Joojo, I will resume work tomorrow and I expect you to go back to school. Selorm informed.

The next morning, Joojo drove back happily to campus.

Theo run to hug him immediately he stepped down from his car.

Congratulations Joojo! You won the intellectual game. He spoke.

Come on Theo, you deserve all the accolades. The game was mapped by you but executed by me. Without that brilliant pass, there wouldn’t have been a goal. Joojo happily responded.

Anyway tell me, how did you know we won, because I didn’t call you. Joojo inquired.

Well, Chris came to the hostel yesterday, ranting about you double crossing him. And from the way he was bitter, I knew we’d won.

I deliberately didn’t call you because I thought your brother might be around. Theo explained.

Interesting! Anyway, we’ve indeed won. You should have seen the tears on the face of that cheap slut called Mina. Joojo began.

I made sure I rendered her wordless. She couldn’t even utter a word of defense. Unfortunately, Selorm suffered most, out of all these. He fainted, but our family medical team was there to save him. He is fine now and has resumed work today, whiles Mina is currently jobless and might be roaming on the streets in search of a job. Joojo narrated.

That is a wow! You indeed stood up for your brother. I only pray he never finds out you slept with her. Theo responded.

He won’t bro, all evidence against me is cleared. Joojo said.

That’s alright Joojo. Anyway, there is this beautiful lady who almost all the time came here looking for you. She requested for your number, but I refused giving it to her. Theo informed.

And what did she say her name is? Joojo asked.

She mentioned Angela or something like that. He answered.

Oh yeah, Angela! I rather call her Angel because she looks like one. Joojo exclaimed.

Indeed she does. She is really beautiful and almost all the guys in this hostel is targeting her. I overheard some of them discussing her the last time she came looking for you. Theo narrated.

They should close their eyes because they ain’t going to have her! She is introvert and the way I struggled before being able to befriend her. I am yet to propose to her though. Joojo narrated.

Then you ought to be fast, because the guys make wild. Theo teased.

Sure bro, I will visit her this evening in her hostel. Joojo responded.

The two friends prepared for lectures after their intensive conversation.

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Later in the evening, Joojo went to Angela’s hostel in search of her.

Unfortunately, she was not around, and he had to wait for a full hour.

Joojo was soon tired of the wait, and he decided to go back and check up on her the next day.

Seconds after he started the engine, he saw Angela alighting from a taxi.

He quickly pulled over and walked to her.

Hi, good evening. I’ve been here for the past one hour. Joojo informed.

Joojo, is this you? So you think you can walk in out of my life at will right? She unhappily questioned.

I’m sorry Angel, I had to attend to my sick brother. Joojo explained.

Your brother was more important than this friendship yeah? She questioned.

Angel I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to abandon you. Please forgive me. Joojo insistently apologized.

I have heard you, but as you can see, I just returned from a date and I am tired. I will see you later. She stated and began walking away.

Angel please, can I have your number now? The last time I requested, you refused giving it to me. Joojo pleaded.

Angela reluctantly called the numbers to him and walked away.

To be continued…