Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 3


Mina, wait for me in your house, I will be there soon. Your Abigail must smell her own shit! Chris angrily threatened and hanged up.

He picked a cap and moved to Mina’s house.

Mina was still sobbing when he entered the room.

Pull yourself together Mina and talk to me. What exactly happened? Chris inquired.

Chris, I had a date with Selorm, Joojo’s senior brother. He picked me up after work and we went to his house. When we got there, Joojo asked me to leave the house, just when his brother stood in to defend me, he began showing a video of you and I on their television screen.

Immediately Selorm saw that, he fainted. I run out of the house in tears and Joojo later called to fire me from the company per his brother’s instructions. Mina narrated in tears.

I can’t believe this! And you said your friend Abigail is behind this? Chris angrily questioned.

She is Chris! Like I explained earlier, I saw her with the cameras, little did I know they were meant for me. She answered.

Mina, in case you reach your friend on phone, tell her her end has come! I won’t spare her! I swear to deal with her! Chris angrily spoke.

Now let me call that useless Joojo before he leaks the video. He stated and began calling Joojo.

Hello, who am I speaking with? Joojo answered.

It is no surprise to me that you’ve deleted my number from your phone. Joojo, you might have won whatever game you played on the vulnerable Mina, but I swear, you can not win that game over me. Now listen and listen carefully, delete that video before you step your coward legs in the school, or else, heaven will break loose! Chris angrily threatened.

Do your worst Chris! I even don’t need this video for anything! I have already achieved my purpose, And now listen to me, the next time you call to threaten me, I will hand you over to the police! Joojo threatened back.

Wait a minute Joojo, did I hear you say you’ve achieved your purpose? So as a coward as you are, you couldn’t confess to your brother you slept with his supposed crush, rather, you framed her up to get her off him? Chris intelligently questioned.

Now listen to me Joojo, it is either you tell your brother you slept with Mina, or I do it on your behalf. Be prepared to go down with her. He added.

When coming to confess on my behalf Chris, kindly come with an evidence! Joojo responded and hanged up.

Damn it Mina! Chris screamed and hit his hand so hard on the wall.

I simply can’t believe Joojo has won this game! He spoke in anger.

Chris, I don’t know what to do! Joojo is indeed evil! Mina stated.

You don’t worry, I know what to do! It is his world against mine. And as for Abigail, she should start packing from that house she calls a matrimonial home. I don’t have any evidence against the two of them now, but I sure will. Chris angrily spoke and asked permission to leave.

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Joojo, whom were you speaking with? The person seemed angry. Selorm in his weakened state asked.

That was Chris bro, he called to threaten me instead of showing remorse. I believe he has spoken to Mina about what happened yesterday. Joojo responded.

What is he threatening you about Joojo? Selorm asked.

He says I should delete the video or else, he will frame me up. He threatened separating us as brothers. Joojo lied.

He must be out of his mind! I don’t want to see his miserable face anywhere around me, if he dare try, I will hand him over to the police. Selorm responded in anger.

Anyway Joojo, thanks a lot for being a brother like no other. If not for you, I would have married that witch of a woman. You indeed went miles to save me. Thanks. Selorm showed appreciation.

Anything for you Selorm. Remember I made a promise of loving you forever. A promise of hurting you never. Joojo responded in smiles.

I remember little brother. Now permit me to say that, falling in love is the last thing on my mind now. I don’t want you to ever talk to me about me finding a woman ever again. Love should be natural and must not be forced. Selorm pleaded.

Sure brother, permission granted. Just take your time and fall in love, I wish you the very best. Joojo agreed.

Anyway Joojo, I will resume work tomorrow and I expect you to go back to school. Selorm informed.

To be continued…