Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 25


“What were u doing with Kelvin, Bell? u don’t still have feelings for him, do u? My head jerked in her direction.

“Definitely not. Whatever I felt for him died d day I saw him with that harlot. Most times I wonder if my feelings for him was actually love cos I can truly say I love Richard & what I feel for Richard is nothing compared to what I felt for Kelvin

“OK” she breathed. “Then tell me what actually happened cos I don’t see myself hugging Frank if I see him today” Frank was her boyfriend; the one who almost raped her

“I was on my way home earlier than usual yesterday cos I felt terribly weak when I had a flat tire. I couldn’t get a mechanic so I set about doing it myself. All of a sudden, Kelvin showed up. He did not leave until I allowed him fix the tires. I was about entering my car when he suddenly blocked me, causing me to bump into him. All he said was that he wanted us to have a drink together & familiarize with each other. I declined. I left him there & DID NOT hug him” I concluded. Prisca thought for a while.

“My guess is that someone took a picture of u guys when u bumped into him”

“I have thought of that but what I don’t know is who would have done it. Did Richard put someone on my trail?” I thought aloud.

“I would not say that. I would say that Kelvin asked someone to do that for one singular reason; the same reason that brought him to ur office today”

“What? He was here? When?” I queried, surprised & alarmed.

“some hours ago. I guess u were on the hospital bed then. He got what he hadn’t expected though; Richard met him there & asked men to bundle him out” she replied.

I was becoming more confused by the minute. Richard had received this message yesterday but did not say anything about it. I remembered his countenance yester night & knew that he must have seen it. He also saw Kelvin today but did not mention it. Why on earth would he do that?

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Loretta paced the waiting room holding her head in her hands. Apart from the several abortions which she had done, she hasn’t literally killed anyone before. She still couldn’t replay the scenario. How did she get herself into this mess? Her tears flowed ceaselessly.

She had called James Branson & informed him cos she didn’t know what to do & she needed someone here to hold her hands & tell her it would be alright.

She saw Richard pass in a hurry towards the emergency department & her heart skipped a beat. What would he do if he found out after treating the guy that she was the one who put the guy in that condition? It would just make their relationship more complicated, hence, destroying any hope of re- union between them. More tears flowed unhindered as her heart ached.

“Loretta” she heard James call behind her.

She turned & threw herself in James’ hands, needing all the support she could get. James just held on to her,his heart beating faster than normal, whispering words of encouragements. His eyes snapped up just in time to see Richard head in d direction of his office, furiously, through the glass barrier. Loretta also saw this & left his arms instantly.

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“he must have found out that I brought him & refused to treat him” she exclaimed, holding her head fiercely.

James could not see that happening. Richard would not hold someone’s life ransom just because of Loretta; Richard is not like that. Maybe Richard is angry about something else, besides, he wasn’t even sure Richard would be the one to attend to the guy in question. He has so many doctors in his hospital. Guessing is not an option, though. He did not like seeing Loretta so distressed, no matter what she had done to him.

“I would talk to him” he said, walking in the direction of Richard’s office. Loretta followed briskly. He tried dissuading her but she was hell bent on begging Richard herself.

Richard marched into the office & I was startled, Prisca also. He should not be back by now, I thought. He had left barely ten minutes ago, and knowing how long such emergency cases could be, only one thing could have happened. I rushed to him as he sat on the couch.

“What is wrong honey? Is d patient Ok?” I asked hoping that whoever it was is not dead.

Richard just fixed a permanent glare on his face & I could not understand anything again. Just then, the door opened & my father-in-law came in, accompanied by the last person Richard wanted to see – his mother. He was up in an instant.

“Is the devil bent on making what ought to be my happiest day very miserable? What are u doing here?” he asked, glaring at his mum. I held his hand.

“C’mon Richy-” I was saying

“Don’t touch me” he yelled at me & I shrieked.

He has never done that. I was hurt down to my bones. I detest people yelling at me, it reminds me of one person: Mr Badmus, before he changed.

“Son” Mr. Branson started “Could u please put this behind u & save the dying patient Richard? He was hit by Loretta & she is freaking out now. Pls son, he had nothing to do with what ur mum did, don’t let him pay for it”

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To be continue on Monday