Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 1


PG 18+

Mina quickly run out of the house in tears.

The medical team swiftly attended to Selorm until he regained consciousness.

Selorm, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Joojo apologized.

Joojo, I should rather be apologizing for trusting a stranger over you. Mina is the definition of deceit. She made me believe she is a virgin. Selorm narrated.

Now you know she isn’t. She is a dangerous bitch. Joojo insulted.

Joojo, please call her. Tell her I don’t ever want to set my eyes on her again! Not at the workplace nor anywhere around me. And please make her understand there is no compensation for her, she should compensate herself with the plenty money she has extorted from me. Selorm spoke with bitterness.

I will bro, just rest. Joojo responded and sat by his brother till sleep finally carried him away.

Quickly, he walked into his room and called Mina.

Mina, as you are already anticipating, you are from this moment sacked from the company. And hey, there are no benefits for you! Joojo teased.

Joojo, you’ve won this game, but may I please confirm from you the source of your information? Is it truly Abigail, or someone else? She questioned in tears.

Let your instincts answer you Mina. No one dares me and go free! Your end is here, and this game is over! I have my brother back to myself, and you can commit suicide over that. Joojo teased and hanged up.

God! Abigail will pay for this! So those cameras on her the last time she visited was for my doom right? I swear to deal with her. She angrily thought.

She tried severally calling Chris, but his phone was off.

She called Abigail and she also refused to answer.

Early the next morning as planned, Chris honored his appointment with Abigail in her matrimonial home.

Immediately she opened the door for Chris, he lifted her in his arms and stared at her with smiles.

Abigail happily smiled back.

Mrs, it seems we’ve met before. He questioned and sat her in the sofa.

Really? I don’t think so. Abigail lied.

Yes you! I remember now. You were with Joojo the last time at the pub. He recalled.

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot. I saw you but didn’t know you were my date. Abigail lied.

I see. Anyway, before I proceed, I need you to make me a sumptuous breakfast. He requested.

Abigail rushed into the kitchen and began cooking.

In few minutes, Chris walked to her and began touching her ass.

Chris, mmmmmm… The food is gonna burn. She softly moaned.

You are enough beautiful, let it burn for all I care. He whispered into her ears and continuously pressed her soft ass.

Mmmm.. Chrissssss. Aaaahhh. She moaned.

He swiftly lifted her unto the table, pulled her closer to himself, removed his erected cock from his shorts and began rubbing the tip on her clitoris.

Chrissssssss! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm! Abigail moaned in ecstasy.

Easy Mrs, you are getting too wet. Chris teased.

Slowly and carefully, he pushed his cock deep inside her and withdrew.

Fuck me Chris! Please fuck meeeeeeeeeee! She pleaded.

Not so fast empress. Continue with the food. He paused and responded.

Sweetness began to run through her legs as she got down from the table to continue cooking.

Her hands were weak to hold a common spoon.

Chris stared at her with smiles.

I know you are weak baby, get this strength to continue cooking. He sexily spoke and pushed her against the wall.

He slid her pants aside and gave her a deep push from the back.

He began to run his dick through her wet and demanding pussy.

Abigail began to moan so loud.

Chrissssssss! Oooouuuuccchhh! Mmmmmmmmm! Yes! Yes!

Chris fucked her speedily till he began to ejaculate.

Aaaaaaahhhh Mrs! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! He groaned in satisfaction.

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This is so unusual of me. To ejaculate on a first round of sex. Wow, there is something special about your pussy. He complimented and walked back into the sitting room.

Where in God’s name has Chris been all my life? I wish he isn’t leaving this house. She thought.

She got back to cooking and soon served Chris.

They both ate whiles conversing happily.

After the meal, Chris carried her into the bathroom and began to bath her.

He fondled her boobs with the soap lather till Abigail began to plead for a penetration.

He rinsed her and gently carried her unto her matrimonial bed.

He stared at her body on the bed and jumped on her.

Fuck meeeeeeeeeee! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Mmmmmm! She screamed.

Chris began to lick every part of her body. He licked her pussy and anus with pleasure.

He then flew her legs apart and began fucking her like mad.

They fucked from morning till late in the night when Chris asked permission to leave.

Chris, can I have you next weekend? She asked.

I’ve been booked dear, I will alert you when I am free. He responded.

They both dressed up and stepped out of the room

Immediately they stepped out, they met Pastor Asamoah’s younger brother sitting right in front of the door.

To be continued…