Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 3 Episode 2


Immediately they stepped out, they met Pastor Asamoah’s younger brother sitting right in front of the door.

Emma! when did you come here? Abigail panicky questioned.

For the past two hours. Emma coldly responded.

Chris hurriedly walked away to avoid troubles.

Oh really? And you didn’t knock or anything? She questioned in shame.

There was a visitor and I didn’t want to distract you two. He unhappily spoke.

Oh sorry, anyway your brother isn’t around. He’s gone to the mountains. Abigail informed in shame.

I already know that. He only called me to come and get him his jackets since the place is too cold. He responded.

He could have called me to do that for him. Abigail pretended.

Abigail, don’t pretend as if you haven’t seen my brother’s calls. I was right behind this door when your phone was ringing. Emma began to talk with pain.

How has my brother offended you to warrant this hostile treatment from you? You forced a sick man to go to the mountains to pray while you share his bed with another man. Abigail, for crying out loud, you are the church mother! Emma angrily spoke.

How dare you Emma? What kind of stupid allegation is that? Did you in anyway catch me in bed with him? Abigail yelled.

I don’t need to catch you red handed because I overheard everything that went on. It is so unfortunate my brother wouldn’t listen to me even if I try telling him. He is blinded by religion and love, but note, your karma is jogging into your life soon. Emma angrily spoke and walked pass her into the room.

Come back here Emma! How dare you! She screamed on top of her voice and went inside the room to drag him out.

Emma picked the jackets and walked away.


Mina kept calling Abigail and she eventually answered.

Mina, what is it? She harshly spoke.

Exactly what it is Abigail! You dare betray my trust? Abigail, how much did Joojo pay you? Or you eventually made love to him as you’ve always wished? Mina bitterly questioned.

Mina, I don’t know what you are talking about and I don’t want to have anything to do with it. It is your mess for being indecisive between two blood brothers. Abigail angrily responded.

Abigail, it is my mess, yes, I understand! But may I know why you filmed me? So the cameras on you the last time was not for your husband after all huh? It was meant for my doom yeah? Abigail, you’ve caused me pain and I can never forgive you! Mina talked in tears.

I still don’t know what you are talking about Mina, like I said, spare me this dose of your troubles, I don’t need it! Abigail harshly responded and hanged up on her.

Abigail, I might look naive, but I’m not! Watch out for me! I swear to deal with you in a more bitter way. Mina vowed in anger as she sat on her bed.

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In few minutes, Chris returned her calls.

Hey Mina, sorry I was on an assignment so my phone was off. I just saw your numerous messages. He spoke.

Chris, the worst has happened to us! Mina spoke in tears.

Us? Mina calm down and explain. Chris worriedly talked.

Chris, someone recorded our love making on camera and gave it to Joojo to disgrace me before his brother. Mina narrated.

What! Who? How? When? Chris screamed.

Chris, I am as confused as you. Mina spoke in tears still.

Mina calm down and talk to me. When last did Joojo visit you? He might have been the one who planted those cameras in your house. Chris angrily suggested.

No Chris, my friend Abigail did! She visited not long ago and when she was about leaving, the cameras fell from her bag. When I questioned her, she told me they belonged to her husband’s church. Mina narrated.

Damn! Mina how could you be this vulnerable! No wonder I met her with Joojo in a pub some days ago. Chris responded.

Chris, you know Abigail in person? Mina questioned.

Life is interesting Mina! No one is a stranger in this life. We are natives of the same home, and no matter how distant we travel, we are still closer! Chris spoke in parables.

Mina, wait for me in your house, I will be there soon. Your Abigail must smell her own shit! Chris angrily threatened and hanged up

To be continued…