Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 23


Richard sat down forcefully & his chair squealed from his harsh approach. He could not fathom what was actually going on. He had been in perfect harmony with Belina, barely four days ago & now, they were not even seeing eye to eye. The side of Belina he saw today is a part he had never seen before. He almost could not recognize her.

He hadn’t had a cause to question her faithfulness until he got that weird message. He had been able to dismiss it, only for that son of a b—h to show up in her office today, looking so calm & sure that he would be given audience. It would have been manageable if the doubt was on his side only but hearing Belina’s words made it obvious that she also had doubts.

A pile developed in his throat as he remembered the words she spoke out of anger & spite. He opened the weird message again, resisting the urge to delete it. He had taken his time to study Belina. Her earlier action hurt terribly but he knew she must be hurting terribly. He couldn’t see her behaving that way just because of a mere hug. She had seen him hug so many people without acting up. Now, there’s the girl she had mentioned. Who the hell could that be? He pondered.

The door opened. He didn’t know if the person had forgotten the courtesy of a knock or if he simply did not hear it.

“Is everything alright sir?” he recognized d voice as Oyinade’s. What does she want now? He wondered.

“Yes. Leave” he said as gently as possible, raising his head; his face blank.

“But sir,u look..” she was saying when Richard’s glare made her memory go blank

“I said, leave” he said loud enough to be heard by a deaf man & Oyin vanished from sight within seconds. He did not feel sorry for yelling at her. She is part of the reasons why he is having problems.


Prisca left Belina at the entrance of Richard’s office after much persuasion. She hadn’t heard d cause of their discord cos they had been too busy jubilating. The jubilation of being an expectant mother had taken over the dull moment. Belina’s face had transformed from the sad angry one to a joyous one within the space of seconds. She had jumped out of the bed instantly, jumping up & down like a little kid at the sight of a wrapped gift.

Doctor Felix had to calm her down, reminding her of her condition. Prisca had held on to Belina, very happy that God had finally answered their prayers at last. After a while she had carefully explained how wrong Belina was to have talked to Richard the way she did earlier in their happiest moment. The fact that Richard already knew she is pregnant was Prisca’s basis for argument. She refused to hear any of Belina’s attempts at justifying her actions. She told her that she would hear of it after she had made peace with Richard. Prisca called Tony excitedly to inform him

“Hello honey” she said & turned on motion suddenly due to over-excitement, bumping into someone. Her phone left her grasp, falling into ruins on the floor. The lady she bumped into was busy ranting her need for a glasses; she was obviously very angry even though it was not her phone that was smashed.

She busied herself with picking up her phone but looked up just in time to catch a glimpse of d person she bumped into before she left. The face she saw looked familiar but she couldn’t place it. She looked like a doctor with the way she was dressed but something was odd about it. She tried desperately to recollect exactly where she had seen that face & after a few seconds, she opened her mouth slightly in remembrance, wondering what that lady could be doing in BRH.

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Prisca had left the boutique to meet a long lost college friend in Da Queens Hotel. Patience, her friend, had traveled abroad immediately after their time in college & had called unexpectedly, announcing her arrival in Nigeria. Prisca had left to meet her excitedly in the hotel she was lodged in order to get re-acquainted with her.

She arrived at Da Queens Hotel, had a long chit chat with her friend & they were both on their way out when they saw two ladies. Patience had seen them first & whistled silently. Prisca was also taken aback when she saw the ladies. They were almost naked.

One of them wore a bum short knicker which stood the risk of tearing due to her large bums with a tube top.

The other, which was d most bizarre of them, wore a micro-mini skirt which almost could not do justice to covering her extra large bums; she had on a see-me-through top which exposed the largest part of her double sized boobs.

They looked financially comfortable & Prisca could only imagine them in one profession – prostitution. Patience said she thought that was only done in America & other white countries & Prisca had agreed with her.


Prisca opened her mouth, not really understanding what that harlot was doing in BRP. And in a doctor’s uniform? Belina should be able to explain something.

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To be continued…