Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Episode 22


Loretta drove her car at a high speed. The frustration she felt was enormous & she had no one but herself to blame. All efforts at reaching Richard had been fuitile & she was growing desperate. She had called once but immediately he knew that she was d one, he had hung up & since then, his number had been unreachable. She needed his forgiveness. She needed someone to love her. She isn’t used to being unloved.

She had loved James Branson but when he became poor & retched, she had to throw away what she felt for him & find greener pastures – something she regrets now beyond words. She knew she still felt d same way about him & that d feeling is mutual & reciprocated but she knew that James would not leave his wife who stood by him through thick & thin for her. She knew that & therefore was not after him but after her son. She does not espect James to ever forgive her. But Richard?

My son hates me, she thought painfully. It tore at her heart & tears clouded her sight. She was heading towards BRP Hospital to talk to Richard’s wife. She had found out that there was almost nothing she asked for which she wasn’t given. She is d key to Richard’s heart. ‘she might be able to beg Richard on my behalf’ she thought She turned right into macdonalds driveway on top speed, not seeing d pedestrian crossing d road.

“Jesus…” she screamed, rather too late for d car to stop miraculously through divine intervention. She ran into d pedestrian, knocking him down instantly.


The door opened & in came Richard and Prisca. I hadn’t been able to compose myself ever since Oyin left. My heart was shattered & seeing Prisca after about a month did not even bring a smile to my face.

“Leave”, I said bluntly & audibly even before they made it to my side. They both paused by my bed. The fact that I had been crying was not lost on them.

“u don’t want me here? What’s wrong?” Prisca asked bewildered. I raised my eyes to glare at Richard.

“Please tell him to leave Pric” I said with tears forming in my eyes. Prisca was even more shocked than before as she looked at me as if I had suddenly grown horns. I saw it in the way she looked from me to Richard, not understanding what was going on. She had never seen us have a disagreement before; no one had.

Richard just stared at me blankly, not portraying any emotions but he seemed angry. Why should he be? I wondered. I am d only one permitted to feel anger. He left d room without uttering a word to me. The tears I held at bay tumbled down as I held on to Prisca.

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I secretly wondered why my emotion was all over d place. I used to have control over my emotions, not crying or showing any signs of weakness but recently, little things move me to tears. The confusion was evident on Prisca’s face as she held me in her arms but she kept quiet, allowing d tears to flow ceaselessly.

“u were wrong to do that girl” she began after I had gathered some form of composure. “Whatever d matter might be, u shouldn’t have done that, especially with someone around” she said.

I kept quiet knowing that there was an element of truth in what she said even though I was not looking for rebukes but approval;trust Prisca to give u the undiluted truth always. I struck Richard’s male ego with my actions; that I saw very evidently written on his face.

“Are u going to tell me what the matter is?” Prisca asked.

I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted by an intruder. Doctor Felix entered d room with a smile on his face. Despite my inner turmoil, I found his smile contagious. I smiled for the first time that evening even though it did not reach my eyes.

“It is good u are awake ma’am, how are u feeling?” he asked with that funny smile still playing on his face.

“I am fine, thank u doctor” I lied and I could imagine Prisca rolling her eyes. I maintained my smile though, not letting out any pain.

“You need to rest, especially now. You would have to rest a lot, eat lots of fruits & avoid stress. You would also come for Antenatal classes regularly, so that u can be monitored. Congrats ma” I would have pursued d ‘ma’ issue but I was already too confused & dumbfounded to do that. Prisca also seemed dumbstruck as she stared at Doctor Felix with open mouth.

“What are u saying?” I managed

“Oh… I see ur husband hasn’t told u. You are pregnant; one month, 2weeks gone” My breath caught as I gasped at d revelation.

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To be continued