Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 5


Don’t let this plan backfire Oh God! Theo soliloquised.

In the afternoon the next day, Joojo went to his brother’s office.

Good afternoon Selorm, why is your head on your desk? Are you sick? He worriedly inquired.

No Joojo, I am just missing mum. He sadly responded.

Bro, I’m sorry for our lost, but you can’t continue like this, you have to be a man and move on. Joojo advised.

How can I Joojo? My world isn’t a happy one. I believe mum would have been there to make me happy if she was alive. Now look at me, single and miserable. He sadly responded.

Selorm please talk to me, how is your relationship with Mina? Joojo smartly inquired.

Mina doesn’t love me Joojo. She only requests money from me almost everyday. What pained me most was yesterday when I called her. She called me back and gave me the insults of my life. Joojo, I don’t know how to deal with this love I have developed for her. She is my pain. Selorm spoke with teary eyes.

Joojo quickly stood up and hugged his brother in tears. I’m so sorry bro, but I think you should force this love out of your heart. Joojo spoke.

I wish I could, but I don’t know how. I am hurting my brother, life is simply not fair with me. Selorm spoke in tears.

What about sacking her from the company Selorm? Joojo suggested.

I can’t do it Joojo. It’s as if I am under a spell. The more she hurts me, the more I fall in love with her. Selorm explained.

Don’t worry bro, everything will be fine in no time. I will always be there for you. I came to say hello, but with this mood, I think I will have to go home and spend the night with you to kill the loneliness. See you after work. Joojo assured and walked out.

He walked into Abigail’s office right away.

Good afternoon sir! Abigail quickly stood up and greeted.

Good afternoon Abigail, take this 1000Ghc, there is a whooping amount of 5000Ghc awaiting you by the close of today. Just make up your mind to choose cool cash over your friendship with Mina. Joojo spoke.

I need the audio, and an evidence of Mina making love with my friend Chris. I know you are surprised I found out, but after all, I did. He added.

Meet me at Seas Pub for a wrap up of the deal. He stated and began walking away.

When he got to the door, he stopped.

One more thing Abigail, telling Mina about this, means loosing your job. He cautioned and walked away.

What! I can’t believe this!

Ghc1000 this afternoon, with Ghc5000 waiting for me by the close of the day? This is a cool deal. She happily thought as she continued working.

How much will friendship pay me? I will have money to pay for Chris’ services as well as that of our expired rent.

Wow, God has a way of solving problems. She further thought.

Immediately after work, she carried her bag and began running out of the work premises to honor her appointment with Joojo.

Hey Abigail! Where are you running to? So you couldn’t at least wait to bid me a goodbye? Mina called from behind.

Sorry Mina, my husband is waiting for me. We are attending to something important. She lied.

Something important indeed! What important thing can that broke pastor attend to? Mina jealously thought.

That’s alright, see you on Monday. I will be busy this weekend and I hope you remember why. She happily informed.

Sure I do, but I will come over to your place this evening for an important discussion. Abigail responded and walked away.

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Lo and behold, Joojo was waiting for her at the pub.

Welcome Abigail, are you game? He asked.

Definitely I am! Please, the audio is here, but you will have to pay half of the amount of the money before I give it to you. She responded.

Quickly, Joojo gave her Ghc2500.

Abigail smartly brought out her phone and transferred the audio unto his phone.

She afterwards deleted her copy.

That’s the game Abigail.

Now back to the last deal. How do I get a video of Mina and Chris making love? Joojo asked.

Sir, I have already informed her of coming to her house this evening. She has a date with Chris tomorrow and I think I will need cameras to plant in her house. She responded.

That’s alright. I am already prepared and the cameras are in my car. Let’s go and get them. Joojo stated and walked her to the car.

He removed them from the backseat in a bag and handed them to her.

Just when Abigail was about walking away, Chris walked to them at scene.

Instantly, the bag fell from Abigail’s hand.

To be continued…