Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 6


Instantly, the bag fell from Abigail’s hand.

What’s wrong beautiful lady? Have we met before? Chris asked.

No please, I really don’t know why the bag fell. Abigail panicky responded.

Anyway Joojo, your lady looks beautiful. It is unfortunate she has a ring on her finger, meaning she’s a married woman. Chris teased.

She isn’t my girl, she is a friend. Joojo unhappily responded.

Whatever bro. I only came here to meet my date. Catch you guys some other time. He stated and walked into the pub.

Abigail, does Chris know you? I mean apart from today, have you guys met in persons? Joojo questioned.

I have ever seen his picture on Mina’s phone but today is my first time of seeing him. She answered.

Thank God! He is smart and could have marred this plan if he knew you. Anyway get going, I will see you after the deal is over. Joojo responded and got into his car and drove away.

Abigail picked a taxi straight to Mina’s house.

Wow, Chris is a handsome guy, and I can’t wait to taste him. She thought as she journeyed on.

Abigail, you are already here. Come and see how busy I am preparing dinner for you and I. Mina spoke from inside the kitchen.

That’s thoughtful of you Mina, it’s unfortunate I can’t help you due to stomach upset. I will like to use your bedroom to take a nap. She smartly responded.

Do you have to ask permission before using my bedroom? Just go straight ahead and make yourself comfortable. Mina friendly spoke.

Abigail quickly entered the bedroom and hid one of the cameras there.

She hid another one in the washroom.

She tiptoed to the sitting room and hid another one there.

Wow! I am left with the last camera which needs to be hidden in the kitchen. She thought with satisfaction.

Mina was soon done with the food and went inside to call Abigail.

They both ate happily together.

I will like to wash the plates. Abigail requested.

You won’t do that Abigail, I thought you said you ain’t feeling well? She questioned.

I am better now Mina. Abigail answered.

No girlfriend, I can’t watch you do this. Mina insisted and prevented her friend from going into the kitchen.

God, I can’t take this camera home, I must by all means hide it in the kitchen before I leave here. She worriedly thought.

She waited for so many minutes but Mina showed no sign of giving her space to operate.

Around 8pm in the evening, her husband began to call her.

My wife, please where are you? Pastor Asamoah asked.

I’m working late today. She disrespectfully responded.

But Abigail, I am at your work premises and the security man said no one is inside. Pastor Asamoah complained.

Pastor Asamoah, are you monitoring me or what? Abigail harshly asked.

Not that dear, I prepared supper and decided to surprise you at work since I knew you might be working late. Anyway sorry for barging into your privacy, I think I have to take the food back home and wait for your return. Sound work my love. Pastor Asamoah sadly spoke and hanged up.

The cheek of it! See who is being romantic. Such a broke man of God who has made my life miserable. Abigail insulted.

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Was that your husband? Why can’t he leave you alone to have your space? Does he have to follow you around like a dog? Mina insulted.

Don’t mind that he goat. Abigail added.

Thank God you’ve even not giving birth, you would have looked like a rag. Mina stated.

Am I a fool? I’ve been taking contraceptives and he thinks I am barren. He keeps praying day and night for a child whiles I sleep in peace. Until he becomes rich, I will continue faking barrenness. I don’t want my children to suffer. Abigail responded with laughter.

That is my smart girl talking! I trust you girlfriend. Mina happily complimented.

Anyway Abigail, it’s getting late and you must get going. I need to shower, relax and make an all night call to Chris to wet my appetite for tomorrow. Mina gently sacked.

Why don’t you shower and come so you can drop me off? Abigail suggested.

I ain’t going out again Abigail, I am tired. Please take this money and pick a cap. Mina responded.

This is not happening! I can’t go home with this camera. Abigail confusedly thought.

To be continued…