Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 7


This is not happening! I can’t go home with this camera. Abigail confusedly thought.

You look worried Abigail. Mina inquired.

Mina, I wish I married the right man, I wish I had a car of my own. Abigail smartly blackmailed.

It’s ok, let me freshen up and give you a lift. Mina stated and rushed to the washroom.

Quickly, Abigail run into the kitchen and hid the camera.

Wow! The deal is done. My Ghc2500 is secured. She happily thought.

Mina soon finished and drove her off to the house.

Welcome back my dear wife. I missed you so much. I’m sorry for not calling you before coming to your workplace. Pastor Asamoah apologized.

Asamoah, that should be your last time of embarrassing me with your appearance. I never want you to set foot at my workplace ever again. Abigail angrily warned.

Embarrassing you with appearance? How? Pastor Asamoah sadly questioned.

However way you understand it! Just look at yourself and the kind of clothes you wear. Big trousers and shirts that my late father never wore even when he was young.

Just take a look at your scaly skin like that of crocodile’s all because of poverty. Asamoah, go out there and see real men! Men of class who spend money on women! Men who smells like a bag of money. Get a life and stop parading your miserable self as a man of God! Abigail insulted.

Pastor Asamoah stared at his wife with tears in his eyes.

Abigail, I know you are speaking out of pain, I know I am not doing enough as your husband, but trust me, things will soon be better and I promise to assume my responsibility as a man. He spoke with tears streaming down his face.

It better be sooner Asamoah, because I am loosing my cool! I give you a year to be rich, or else, I will quit this marriage! Abigail threatened.

Quickly, Pastor Asamoah went down on his knees.

Abigail, I am sorry for being this poor, but for the sake of the church, don’t leave me. He pleaded in tears.

Continue pleading until I pack out. Abigail yelled and walked out on him.

He sadly got up as he stared at the food he happily prepared for his wife’s return.

I thought I am doing my best, but unfortunately, my best is causing the worst. God please, save my marriage. He prayed in tears.

Asamoah, you better make the bed before I return from the bathroom! Abigail commanded.

What about the food Abigail? I was waiting for you so we eat together. Pastor Asamoah calmly questioned.

I ain’t hungry Mr! You can go ahead and eat your broke food! She yelled.

It isn’t broke food my dear wife, one of the members brought us a fowl and I prepared fufu and light soup with it. He explained.

Listen to your pathetic self! You can go ahead and chew everything, I ain’t hungry. She responded and walked out on him.

Pastor Asamoah sat in the dinning hall with tears all over his face.

He began to reminisce the very first day he met his wife at a friend’s wedding ceremony.

How he approached her, and how humble she looked.

He remembered how rich he was at that time and how happy Abigail was around him.

He remembered taking her to the alter and the vows they made before God.

He remembered how he lost all his money through a friend.

He remembered how he turned all the women away because he was in love with Abigail.

He then remembered how Abigail convinced him to use the rest of his money to build a house for her parents in their hometown.

Slowly, he went down on his knees, “God, this temptation is too heavy for me. Please save me from this pain”. He prayed in tears.

To be continued…