Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 4


Joojo instantly swallowed three buckets of saliva as he stared at her from head to toe.

Joojo, even though you don’t love me, but you don’t hate this body. Anytime you see it, you go haywire, that means that, there is something hidden in your heart for me. At least, you lust after me and we can base on that to plan a future. Mina seductively spoke and began playing with her mons pubis.

Now talk to me Joojo, how bad do you need this body? I am ready to give it to you as many times as you want. She added and raised one of her legs unto the study table, exposing her beautiful pinky clitoris.

She slowly began touching herself whiles Joojo lustfully looked on.

It is you and I baby, come up here and feel me. She whispered and began licking the finger she used to play with her clitoris.

Joojo slowly walked to her and pushed her against the wall. He locked his lips to hers and when he tried kissing, Mina had a call again.

Not again! She angrily screamed.

It was Selorm calling.

Tell your brother to stop pestering my life Joojo! I don’t want him! She yelled.

I’m sorry Mina, I can’t do this with you, at least, not now. Joojo pulled back and threw Mina’s dress at her.

Dress up and leave! He commanded.

You see what he has caused? I will give him the insults of his life when I return his call. Mina spoke angrily and dressed up.

Joojo walked to her once again with teary eyes.

Look into my eyes Mina, my brother is the second me, and anything I do, I do it to please him. If he goes through pain, I hurt too. Please, don’t insult him, gently tell him you don’t love him. I know he will be hurt, but salty truth is sweeter than sugar lies. Joojo sadly pleaded.

For your sake Joojo, but at least, let me speak some sense into his head. Mina harshly talked and walked out of the room.

I’m sorry bro, I innocently sinned against you. Whatever pain you are going through is as a result of me, please forgive me. I am doing everything humanly possible to deal with this pain called Mina, once and for all. Joojo soliloquised in tears with his brother’s picture in his hand.

After few minutes of shedding tears, his door opened and Theo walked inn.

What is it again Joojo? He unhappily questioned.

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I’m hurting Theo. Selorm called Mina when she was almost seducing me. I believe his instincts are speaking in volumes to him and I feel his pain. Joojo narrated.

You need to be strong Joo. Sleeping with Mina was a mistake and you must not kill yourself for that. Secondly, you shouldn’t repeat that mistake. No matter how bad she seduces you, don’t fall for it. Theo advised.

I’ve heard you Theo. He responded.

And one thing Joojo, I think I have seen her face somewhere before but I can’t pinpoint where. Theo spoke.

Theo, I think you might have seen her with Chris, because whiles here, Chris called her. I questioned her about him and she seem to be hiding something. Joojo narrated.

Yes! I remember now. I bumped into her and Chris making love in our room. Theo instantly recalled.

What! Chris? So Chris went ahead to sleep with Mina after the circumstances surrounding her? I must confront him right away! Joojo angrily spoke and tried walking out.

No Joojo! There is no need doing that. We want to permanently get rid of Mina from you and your brother’s life right? Theo quizzed.

Of course yes. He responded.

Well then, I think we will have to get an evidence of the two of them making love, so that we can use it to blackmail her to stay away from you guys. Theo suggested.

That is a good idea, but how do we do that? Joojo asked.

Go to her house and plant a camera that will capture the two of them in the act whiles I plant one in our room. Theo suggested.

No Theo, her nakedness is my weakness and I won’t risk that. She might seduce me once again. Joojo turned down.

What do we do then? Theo asked.

She told me about where the audio is. She said it is with her bosom friend and I think we can pay her off for any evidence we need. Joojo suggested.

And you think her friend is going to buy the idea of betraying her? Theo asked.

The impossibility is often the untried Theo, let’s give it a try. Joojo wittily responded.

Don’t let this plan backfire Oh God! Theo soliloquised

To be continued…