Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 3


Before they could proceed, Chris bumped into them.

What is happening here? Why are you guys whispering in front of your own door? He asked.

What is happening where? When last did you discuss your personal issues with any of us? Suddenly, you are unexplainably rich, and none of us dare question you. Chris, I suggest you take your nose out of our issues. Joojo spoke almost in anger.

Chill man! I even don’t want to be part of your issues! Why would I want to have anything doing with a guy who has slept with his brother’s crush? Chris teased.

That was an INNOCENT SIN, and you know it. I don’t need you to make me feel bad. Just walk on. Joojo angrily responded and walked away from the scene into his room.

Theo quickly followed him and they both went for Mina’s phone.

They unlocked it with a code and began snooping through. They searched for several minutes but couldn’t find it.

Theo, I don’t think she recorded anything. Joojo stated.

She did but I think it is hidden. Let’s wait for her to wake up and question her. Theo responded.

How do I go about it? Joojo asked.

She is your girlfriend now right? Just sugar mouth her about the recording and let’s see if she will cough the whereabouts of it out. Theo suggested and began walking out.

Theo I’m scared, she is sleeping too deep. Joojo sadly spoke.

Don’t be bro, I am around and nothing bad will happen. He responded and walked away.

Joojo waited for several hours before Mina woke up.

Mina, you scared me. What kind of sleep was that? Joojo pretended.

It is 9pm, and I’m still here? What happened? She questioned.

Baby girl I don’t know. I equally slept and woke up not long ago. I think there is a high percentage of alcohol in the drink. He lied.

That’s alright honey, but tell me, did we make love? Mina calmly asked.

No Mina! You don’t expect me to make love to you in your unconscious state. He answered.

Well, I am awake now, and I think we can get started. She seductively stated.

Not today Mina, I have a quiz to write tomorrow. Joojo turned down.

A quiz? What has that got to do with love making? She unhappily questioned.

Calm down Mina, if I make love to you right now, the memories of it won’t allow me to write the paper. Remember the last love making, I flashed back even in church. Love making with you is not as simple as you see it. It is too special. He convinced.

I understand now handsome, but at least touch my boobs. She stated and began undressing.

Slowly she unbuttoned her shirt and removed her brassier exposing her erected boobs.

Joojo uncomfortably looked on.

Mina turned to him and held his rich hands to touch her boobs.

Uncontrollably, he began fondling them.

Mmmmm Joojo, Aaaaahhhhhhh! She softly moaned.

Joojo pressed her nipples softly with a hard erected cock in his shorts.

Mina quickly stood up and sat on his laps.

Just that minute, Mina’s phone began to ring.

Joojo stretched his hand and picked it up for her.

Chris? Chris calling you? He pushed her off and asked.

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Yes, that is a friend of mine back in the States. Mina lied with trembling lips.

No Mina, this number is that of my friend’s. The Chris I sent to your house when we were having issues. Why would he be calling you at this hour? He questioned.

I don’t know Joojo, probably it wasn’t intentional. Mina lied again.

But I thought you said it is a friend of yours in the States. Mina, talk to me, what is going on between you two? Joojo questioned.

Joojo, why are you talking as if you don’t trust your friend? Mina diverted the conversation.

No man will trust a friend who calls his girlfriend at this hour. Mina, he is calling again, just answer him! Joojo instructed.

Reluctantly, Mina answered the call.

Hey, how are you? She confusedly spoke.

I don’t think your environment is convenient for this call, per the way you are sounding. Chris smartly noticed.

Sure. Mina simply answered.

Quickly, Chris dropped the call.

Mina, what did he say? Joojo quizzed.

He only said he was calling someone and he mistakenly dialled my number. She lied.

Wow, something interesting is going on and I must find out. Joojo thought.

Alright, now let’s discuss the audio. Was it necessary recording me? Joojo asked.

We will only discuss the audio after making love to me. Mina attached a clause and jumped up on him again.

She tried holding his cock but he resisted.

I will only make love to you after discussing the audio. He smartly stated.

Joojo please! I am horny, and I need you to at least suck my boobs. She pleaded.

For the last time Mina, where is the audio? Joojo questioned.

The audio is with my friend Abigail. It is the only evidence that will make this relationship work. Mina angrily confessed.

You think so? Joojo angrily questioned.

I am sure of so. She answered.

God! What a stress! How at all do I get to delete this audio? Joojo thought.

Joojo, the agreement was, love making after confession. Please honor your promise. Mina softly spoke and stripped totally naked.

Joojo instantly swallowed three buckets of saliva as he stared at her from head to toe.

To be continued…