Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 2


I am doomed! Abigail soliloquised.

After five minutes, she received a call from Chris.

Hello Chris, I hope you didn’t call Mina because of me? She panicky asked.

That shouldn’t be your headache. Now talk to me, what did you say your name is, and where did you get the number from to call me? He inquired.

Chris, please let’s forget this, calling you was a mistake. She pleaded.

Don’t be a coward! I thought you said you needed my services. He cut in.

Yes but…..

But what? Anyway, are you single or married? Chris asked.

Married. She answered.

Married? You will pay 2000 Ghc. Pay into my mobile money account and call for your date of fun. He instructed.

Does that mean you didn’t inform Mina? Abigail asked in relief.

Why would I do that madam? I am in for business and not ordinary pleasure. I don’t fall in love, and even if I do, I kill it! Chris explained.

Wow! Thanks a million times. I’ll call you after sending the money. Abigail happily responded.

That’s alright, but hey, you are a smart bitch to have stolen my number from your friend’s phone. I already love you for that. Be rest assured, this is between us. He assured and dropped the call.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, I am in the game.

Boredom will soon leave my life. I can’t wait for my useless husband to leave town for his useless evangelism. Such a boring soul. Abigail insulted in thoughts as she headed towards to the market.

In a bit, Mina called her back.

Abigail, I’m sorry for hanging up on you, I sent money to Chris and he called to acknowledge receipt. She explained.

That’s alright dear, I am better now. We shall meet at work tomorrow. She responded.

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Soon, it was 24hours, and Mina drove home after work to change into a sexy silver mini dress to honor Joojo’s invitation.

She drove on top speed to the campus and walked straight into his room. She knocked for several minutes.

Angel, I don’t know who is at the door, let me check and get back to you. Joojo spoke to his new found friend and walked to the door.

What! Mina, why didn’t you call before coming? He almost yelled.

But I thought we had already planned so there was no need calling. She unhappily responded.

Well, you have to give me few minutes, I have a visitor. He stated and closed the door.

I can’t believe this! Am I sure this guy loves me as he claim? Or he’s faking to get me away from his brother?

Anyway, I have the voice recording so he can’t play smart with me. She thought.

Angel, my cousin is here and I ought to attend to her. I promise to see you later. Joojo calmly spoke.

That is no problem Joo, see you when I see you. She responded and walked out.

Mina gave her a jealous stare from head to toe when she got to the door.

Joojo’s visitor stared back and walked away.

Mina, you can come inside. Joojo ushered.

Who was that Joojo? Mina questioned.

Nobody you know. Anyway, you are looking beautiful. He fakery complimented.

All for you Joojo, you don’t know how much I miss you. Mina responded and tried kissing him.

Not so fast princess, we must celebrate our reunion and I got a champagne for that. He smartly turned down and brought the drink from his mini fridge.

He smartly drugged one of the glass, poured the drink into it and handed it to Mina.

They both drank and conversed happily until sleep carried Mina away.

He quickly went out to call Theo.

My brother, Mina is inside the room as planned and is foolishly sleeping as a result of the drug. What do we do now? He hastily asked.

Get the phone and delete the voice recording. Theo advised.

Before they could proceed, Chris bumped into them.

To be continued…