Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 1


Jeeezz, I wish to have him too. Yes, I must taste what he has got. Abigail deeply thought.

Soon, work was over and the two best friends once again met at the car park.

Mina, can I use your phone to call my sister? I have run out of airtime. Abigail tricked.

Sure baby girl, but please be fast about it. Selorm has given me his ATM card to go and withdraw some cash for tomorrow’s shopping. Mina happily informed.

Really? Tomorrow’s shopping? You never told me about it. Abigail questioned.

Sorry about that honey, but remember I have a date with Joojo and I need new dress and panties.

Again, I am meeting his royal hard cock, Chris, on weekend, and he must feel like a King with the classic and expensive perfume I will wear. Mina narrated.

Oh my God! Selorm is indeed a dessert. So Mina, with all these fun, Selorm is the one footing the bills? Abigail happily exclaimed whiles fidgeting with Mina’s phone.

Of course yes! He ought to pay for imagining me every now and then in his sleep. No one imagines me for free. Mina teased.

It is indeed a blessing to be beautiful. How I wish I am still single like you, I would have played this game more than you. Abigail stated in remorse.

I told you to hold on with this marriage but you wouldn’t listen. You rushed into marriage with this broke ass of a pastor, now look at you. Always hiding behind my beauty to get your daily meal. Mina responded unhappily.

I regret marrying him dear Mina, but the harm has already been caused and there is nothing I can do. Abigail explained.

Anyway be fast about the call and give me back my phone, I’m in haste. She responded.

I’ve lost interest in the call Mina, just have your phone. I will see you early tomorrow. Abigail stated and handed the phone over.

I’m sorry Abigail, I didn’t mean to make you sad. Mina apologized.

It’s alright dear, see you tomorrow. She responded and began walking away.

What about giving you a lift? Mina shouted behind her.

No thanks. I am going to the market to purchase foodstuffs to prepare supper for that fool who calls himself a husband. Always hiding behind the work of God to be poor. Abigail responded and walked away.

Fool indeed! Simply because of the work of God, look at the way Abigail is looking. Thank God she hasn’t even given birth yet. Mina soliloquised.

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After few minutes walk, Abigail stood under a shade and dialled Chris’ number after memorizing it from Mina’s phone.

Hello Chris here, who am I speaking to? He asked.

Hello handsome, we’ve never met before but I’ve heard a lot about you and I think I will need your services. Abigail spoke.

And who gave you my number? Chris questioned.

My name is Abigail and I am a friend to Mina. She said a lot about you. Abigail explained.

Mina gave you my number without informing me?

Well, let me call you back. Chris responded.

No! No! No! Please don’t call Mina! She is not aware I took your number. Abigail pleaded but it was too late, Chris had already hanged up.

She began to sweat.

God, I’m doomed! What if this guy informs Mina of my call? That will be the end of my friendship with her and I am going to starve to bone. Abigail worriedly thought.

God save me! Please save me. She silently prayed and called Mina.

Hello girlfriend, what’s up? Mina answered.

Eeerrrm Mina, I’m not of myself. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I am so sad. She faked sadness.

I believe the discussion we had at the car park is what is causing all these pain. Girlfriend, I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Mina apologized. Anyway where are you now? She inquired.

Currently on my way to the market. She responded.

Should I pass by? Mina asked.

No dear, just be with me on phone till I’m calm. She responded.

I’m sorry Mina, Chris is calling me and I must answer him. Mina hastily informed.

No Mina, please don’t answer! She screamed.

I have to answer dear, talk to you later. Mina stated and dropped the call.

I am doomed! Abigail soliloquised.

To be continued…