Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 13


Doreen burst into a loud cry and rushed into her mother’s room.

She pounced on her and gave her a merciless beatings till the security guard intervened.

Call the police! Call the police! Mrs Brown instructed the guard.

Dare call the police, and the world will hear about us. I thought you were a mother not knowing a monster! Cheap prostitute! Doreen angrily insulted.

You are the prostitute Doreen, for forcing yourself on a man who sees beauty in your mum than you. Mrs Brown bantered.

Let’s wait for daddy to come! I will personally make sure he throws you out of this house! Doreen threatened and walked out.

Madam, did you really sleep with that guy who came here this morning? The security guard questioned.

And what is your worry? Mrs Brown angrily responded.

Upon all the love we make, you still had to sleep with Doreen’s boyfriend? The guard questioned.

Will you shut up? What is your problem? She yelled.

Well I will, but get it into your head that, I won’t be there to defend you when your husband comes back. He threatened and began walking away.

Come back please, you don’t have to give up on me. It was the devil who pushed me to do that. I promise to give you money to send to your wife in the village per your earlier request. Mrs Brown convinced.

Days passed and Doreen’s father finally returned from his trip.

Immediately he entered the house, he began screaming at his wife’s name.

She hurried out of the bedroom almost naked.

My husband, you didn’t call you were coming. In fact, you told me you will be coming next week. She fabled.

Cut the nonsense questions and tell me what Doreen called to tell me were lies. He screamed.

What did Doreen tell you? She questioned.

Did you or did you not sleep with her school mate in this house? He yelled.

Interesting! Doreen had the guts to tell those lies after forcing herself on the security guard?

I caught her in his room trying to force him to sleep with her and when I threatened to inform you, she rather is outsmarting me? Mrs Brown explained.

Her school mate? Ask her what her school mate was doing in this house. She added.

Well, I’ve called her to come home, and the truth will soon prevail. He angrily responded and tried walking into the bedroom.

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Anyway where is the guard? He is not at the gate. He paused and questioned.

I haven’t seen him my husband. She responded almost in tears.

My husband, why don’t you sit down and let me serve you? She spoke with teary eyes.

Serve me what? Shouldn’t I put my bags down first? Shouldn’t I freshen up? Shouldn’t I change into something easy? Or you are getting out of your mind? He angrily responded.

Honey please, the room is unkept, and you can’t go in there. She pleaded.

You are acting strange, are you aware? He questioned.

Anyway, whether kept or not, I must get inside. He responded and walked pass her.

Mr Brown entered the room and the security guard with his clothes in his hands run out of the room.

Mrs Brown joined the run and her husband gave them a wicked chase.

They run on top speed out of the house.

Mr Brown got back in pain.

So it was true? My wife didn’t only sleep with her daughter’s mate but my security guard as well?

I swear! This marriage is over! He spoke in tears and called his daughter.

To be continued…