Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 14


I swear! This marriage is over! He spoke in tears and called his daughter.

Doreen, the worst has happened! He spoke.

What is it daddy? Is mum dead? She almost screamed.

She is as good as dead! Can you believe I caught her in bed with the security guard this morning when I returned from my trip? He narrated.

What! This is evil! Mum slept with the guard too? Doreen screamed.

Doreen, I am going crazy. I am going to her hometown right away to inform her people. I will call you later. Mr Brown angrily spoke amidst tears and dropped the call.


I can’t believe this! What has come over my mother? No wonder she was so nice towards the guard.

Anyway, let me call Joojo and disgrace Chris. She bitterly thought.

Doreen, I have been warned by your fiancé to stay away from your issues, so I suggest you stop calling me. Joojo answered.

Joojo, Chris and I are history. I caught him in bed with my biological mother two days ago. Doreen announced.

What! This is an abomination! Doreen, I suggest you keep your mouth shut about this issue because your mother is involved and her image is yours as well. I am currently busy, will call you later. He advised and dropped the call.

This is serious! Chris is gradually getting out of hand. He thought as he followed his brother’s car to a restaurant where he and Mina were going out for lunch.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I am patiently waiting for Selorm to bring Mina to the house. He angrily thought as he watched them walk hand in hand into the restaurant.

Soon, the day was over and Selorm went home from work.

How has your day been bro? Joojo asked.

Very well Joojo. As you can see, everything is fine with me now. Selorm responded.

Less I forget Joojo, Mina will be here tomorrow for dinner. He announced.

Selorm, are you sure this thing between you and Mina is going to work? Joojo unhappily asked.

Joojo, for once, smile for my happiness. What is with you and Mina? Initially, you liked her, then suddenly, you are on hatred grounds. Anyway, you better start liking her because very soon, I will go and see her parents for marriage plans. Selorm informed.

I see! Well, I will be here waiting for her tomorrow. Joojo unhappily responded and began walking into his room.

One more thing Selorm, kindly don’t inform her I’ve come home from school. Joojo stopped and cautioned.

I’ve already done that Joojo, and she is more than willing to meet with you. Please loosen up because Mina holds nothing against you. Selorm calmly spoke.

Interesting bro! Like I said, I will be right here! Joojo responded and walked out on his brother.


Soon, it was Friday and both Abigail and Mina were happy about their various tasks for the day.

Abigail decided to take the day off from work to prepare for the next day with Chris.

Abigail, please wake up. It is morning already and you must get prepared for work. Pastor Asamoah stated.

I ain’t going to work today. I want to help you pack your items for the prayers on the mountain. She responded.

That is thoughtful of you my wife, but I don’t think I can make it to the mountains this weekend. I will go on next weekend. Pastor Asamoah calmly spoke.

That is a fat lie Asamoah! Who deceived you into believing you won’t go to the mountains? Abigail yelled.

Abigail please calm down. I am down with malaria and my body is so hot right now. Please bear with me. He pleaded.

It’s a lie! Whether you like it or not, you will have to go! Abigail angrily screamed.

Abigail, I thought you said the dream was about me, so why are you behaving as if you are the one going to die? Besides, I have fasted for three good days and prayed over it, so nothing will happen. He explained.

Asamoah, yes, the dream was about you, but eventually, I will be the one wasting my tears on your dead miserable body because I am a widow.

If you don’t cherish your life, I cherish my tears. She insulted.

No need for this early quarrel, I will go. Pastor Asamoah responded to maintain peace.

Abigail fumed in anger as she packed her husband’s clothes, Bible and other items for his journey.

Pastor Asamoah reluctantly bathed and set off.

I will see you on Sunday Abigail, but please try and attend tomorrow’s church meeting on my behalf. He spoke.

When I get to the drug shop, I will see if I can get an anti malaria drug to buy. He sadly spoke and walked away.

To be continued…