Belina (After the wedding) Season 2 Prologue


It is an immense pleasure to write to you again, sharing my story, experiences and lessons. I wrote to you earlier about my travails and what I went through before I got married to my prince charming; my love, my life, my heart, my everything.

You are familiar with the story of how I was being bullied into a marriage with the ever arrogant Tunji, how I escaped kidnap from thugs sent by Tunji and Mr. Badmus into the loving hands of Prisca’s parents and how they miraculously turned into biological father and step mother.

After all the traumatic experiences I passed through and romantic times I had with Richard, you would expect my life to go on smoothly and without pot-holes, right?

Yeah, I also thought that way but I later found out that my past is nothing compared to the obstacles awaiting me. The things I faced as Mrs. Belina Branson (aka. Mrs. BB) made me realize that not all stories end in happily ever after, there are some sad moments embedded within the story.

Did I say ‘some sad moments? There are several bitter moments… Did i pull through? FIND OUT tomorrow as we uncover the season 2 of Belinda (Tender Beauty)

By Nissi Adeola