Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 12


Cool Joojo, the game is on! Brains over pussy. Theo responded with seriousness.

Just when they were wrapping up with the plan, Chris walked inn.

Chris, courtesy demands you knock before entering someone’s room. Joojo harshly spoke.

Well sir, since that same courtesy couldn’t prevent you from stopping my fiancee Doreen from entering your room, I am here to find out what she came to do here last night.

Wow, is this what this is about? Anyway, I don’t have and will never have any interest in a woman you have slept with! She only came here to complain about your attitude towards her and how you disrespect her mother anytime she calls you. Joojo answered.

Well Joojo, you are not a marriage counselor, so I suggest you walk her away anytime she comes to you. I don’t trust you! Chris angrily spoke.

And I don’t trust you either, you fuck boy! Whom do you think you are to walk into my room to warn me! I don’t blame you! I blame the few coins you’ve saved through wicked sweats! Joojo insulted.

For the sake of old times, I will spare you for these insults. If not, you would have tasted my fist right on your tongue! Chris threatened.

Guys, I am so surprised this is happening! Chris, if not for anything, remember Joojo has ever paid your academic fees. I least expected you to talk to him this way! Theo cut in.

Is that why you are licking his boots? Because he paid my fees or because he feeds you daily? You are so disgusting Theo, be a man and wise up! Chris bantered.

If wising up is to be rude to a good person like Joojo, then I choose to be continentally stupid. Theo angrily responded.

Chris, get out of my room before I call the police. Joojo angrily threatened.

Joojo, it is your world and mine at crash! Chris responded and walked out.

God! Look at who is rubbing shoulders with me. You simply can’t believe Chris of yesterday, could be this saucy and arrogant towards this beautiful friendship we’ve built over months now, all because he’s having money now. Joojo bitterly spoke.

Take it easy Joojo, everything will be fine. Theo advised.

I don’t need his friendship anymore bro, I just wish him well on his new route. He responded.

Chris angrily called his fiancee on phone.

Doreen, thank your stars you didn’t come to meet me here yesterday, I would have beaten the life out of you! He angrily spoke.

I’m sorry Chris, I know you are not happy with inviting a third party into our issues, but I couldn’t help it. Doreen pleaded.

Mum has been calling you for days now, but you refuse to honor her call. She sadly added.

You want me to honor your mum’s call right? Well, I will. I will do that early tomorrow morning. You guys should watch out for me. He angrily spoke and hanged up.


Early the following morning, Joojo drove home, whiles Chris drove to Doreen’s home.

Good morning ma’am, I’m sorry for not honoring your call earlier. Chris humbly apologized.

Chris, it’s alright, I only wanted to see your face once again. Mrs Brown spoke.

Ma’am please is daddy home? I mean your husband. Chris asked.

No Chris, as usual, he’s gone on a business trip. She answered.

That’s alright, but ma’am you look like a bag of gold in this shorts and sleeveless blouse. Chris boldly complimented.

Mrs Brown looked on in shock.

Thanks Chris, I didn’t expect that from you. She shyly responded.

Anyway have a seat. She offered.

Now talk to me, what brings you here this early morning? She asked.

Mmmm! Chris heaved a sigh.

Ma’am, I’ve always wanted to see this beautiful face of yours again ever since I left here but I’ve never got the courage to. Just like Doreen, you are so beautiful. Chris boldly spoke.

Mrs Brown began to feel uncomfortable in the couch.

Beautiful? Chris, I’m blushing already, but you know Doreen is beautiful than I am. She quizzed.

Chris stared at her lustful lips in smiles. Slowly, he gazed at her erected nipples and began licking his mouth.

Mrs Brown began sweating on her forehead.

I asked a question Chris. She forced to ask.

You are beautiful ma’am, he responded and stood up to squat before her.

Just take a look at these lips, so soft and beautiful. He whispered and began rubbing his finger on her lips.

And these young energetic twins on your chest. He added.

Mrs Brown looked on in shyness and bowed down her head.

Don’t be shy ma’am, age 40 looks like a joke on you. You simply look like 25. Chris complimented and held her chin up.

He gave her a deep stare and slowly moved his head towards her mouth.

Chris please stop it. Mrs Brown resisted.

What about giving your boobs a good treat? He whispered and began fondling her boobs.

Mmmmmm.. Oooouuuuccchhh… Sssshhhh.. Aaaahhhh. She softly moaned.

Slowly, Chris pushed her down in the sofa and slid his fingers into her panties. He gently rubbed them on her clitoris.

Her vagina began to ejected the stored fluid of ecstasy.

Aaaahhh Chris… Please stoooooopppp…. Mmmmmm stoooooopppp. She pleaded.

Slowly, Chris stripped her naked and began playing with her fatty body.

She stretched her hand and held Chris’ erected cock.

Oooouuuuccchhh! Chris gave out a loud moan.

In seconds, the door opened and Doreen screamed at them.

Jesus! Mum! Chris!

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Mrs Brown hurriedly covered herself with her clothes and run into her bedroom.

Chris stood up, took a bold step towards Doreen and gave her a deep stare.

Doreen angrily slapped him on the face.

You slimy bastard! You dare cheat on me with my mother? She questioned in tears.

Chris placed his hand on his cheek in pain and began to speak.

I thought you insisted on me honoring your mother’s call? The next time you enter into a relationship, do away with third parties. He advised and walked pass her.

Doreen burst into a loud cry and rushed into her mother’s room.

To be continued…