Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 11


Asamoah get up, I want to talk to you. She stated.

Quickly, Pastor Asamoah sat up.

Good morning Abi, how are you? He greeted.

I’m not so fine Asamoah, I just had a nightmare about us and I suggest you go to the mountains on Friday to intervene on our behalf. Abigail spoke.

What exactly was it about? He asked.

I dreamt that you were dead and I was so much weeping. She responded.

God forbid! Our God reveals to redeem, so nothing bad will happen to us. He responded in faith.

Asamoah, this is not the reveal to redeem type, this is different. You must go to the mountains on Friday and descend on Sunday morning. Abigail instructed.

I will my dear, just don’t worry. He calmly responded.

She prepared and left the house for work.

She called Chris on her way.

Hello sexy boo, you will receive the money today, because we are meeting on Saturday. Kindly tell whoever has booked you to take it easy on your dick, because I need it more. She seductively spoke.

Horny Mrs, my dick is just like the strength of Sampson, it is heavenly delivered. Just exercise your pussy for the journey ahead because bookings with married women means a lot to me. The memories must either break your home or strengthen it. Chris sexily explained.

Wow, mine will definitely break, Chris, cos I ain’t gonna take you off my mind, not even for a second. Abigail happily responded.

Until then Mrs, have a nice day. Chris dropped the call.

Mmmmm, I’m already getting wet. What a man! She soliloquised.

Immediately she entered her office, Mina walked inn.

Why this face madam? Abigail quizzed.

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Abigail can you imagine Joojo has stopped answering my calls and is no longer calling me? She angrily spoke.

What at all do you want from Joojo when his brother is readily available for you? Abigail questioned.

How many times should I tell you I don’t love Selorm? She asked back.

Then forget them and focus on your Chris, simple. Abigail responded.

Why are you talking like this Abigail? Are you giving up on me? Didn’t I tell you Chris is not into love? She unhappily asked.

Well Mina, I am getting fed up with all these, I also have my problems to attend to. Abigail harshly responded.

Really? Abigail, you’ve grown those wide wings to be this rude to me? Mina surprisingly asked.

Excuse me Mina, I take your question as an insult! What the hell do you mean by that? Abigail bantered.

I can see you are not in a good mood this morning, see you when you are calm. Have a nice day. Mina responded and walked out.

The cheek of it! Always wanting the best for yourself. Beauty my ass! Abigail angrily insulted.


Jeeez, what a morning! Abigail talking to me this way? What did I do to offend her? Mina thought as she sat down on her desk.

Anyway, since I have an evidence against Joojo, I will use it to blackmail him. She thought and sent a text message to Joojo.

“Joojo, you can choose to ignore my calls, but don’t forget, your brother is dying to have me. If not you, it is him. Trust me, I will fuck him this weekend right in your home”. She threatened.

Quickly, Joojo called.

Mina, I dare you to get closer to my brother, and your world will crush at a blink! I am full with your empty threats. Joojo angrily spoke.

You call that empty threats? Joojo, just watch me! If I don’t fuck your brother this Friday, call me an antelope! I have your recording that will make your brother hate you forever! Even though I don’t love Selorm, I will marry him to pierce your heart. She ranted.

I dare you Mina! Bring it on! Joojo responded.

Mina angrily hanged up.

Joojo quickly called Theo into his room.

Theo, I must go home tomorrow to monitor my brother before Mina outsmarts me with all these evidence I have in my possession. Joojo spoke.

That is alright Joo, but how sure are you they ain’t going to meet somewhere else apart from your home? Theo questioned.

That is why I must go home. I will have to monitor my brother’s movements. Wherever they meet, I will bump into them with the evidence.

Cool Joojo, the game is on! Brains over pussy. Theo responded with seriousness.

To be continued…