Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 10


Immediately she lifted the bag, the items fell unto the ground.

Holy Mary! Abigail what in God’s name are you doing with these cameras? Mina screamed in shock.

Look at your shocked face Mina, it belongs to the church. My husband asked me to take them from a friend of his, on my way from work. Abigail smartly lied.

You scared me Abigail, I thought you were an undercover journalist. Mina teased.

Get your naughty self out of my way and let me go home. Abigail playfully responded and hurried away.

Immediately she stepped out of the house, she called Joojo.

Hello Abigail, anything positive? He asked.

Yes sir. Please let’s meet at the pub. She respectfully responded.

They met and Abigail handed the cameras to him.

They both sat in Joojo’s car to watch what it caught. Lo and behold, Chris and Mina were live on camera, making love.

Thanks for the smooth transaction. Have your balance. Joojo congratulated and handed the rest of the money (Ghc2500) to her.

Thanks too sir, but please, do well to keep my identity safe. Abigail pleaded and stepped out of the car.

I will try. Joojo responded and drove away.

Wow! Within just four days, look at how rich I am. And I was wallowing in poverty for a supposed marriage. She angrily thought.

Let me call Chris and place an order. She soliloquised.

Wait a minute, what if he recalls seeing me with Joojo? She questioned in thoughts.

Nothing bad will happen! After all Joojo is my boss so I can use that as an excuse. She answered herself.

Quickly she called Chris.

Hi sexy, this is Mina’s friend who called to book an appointment with you days back. Do we still have a date? She softly asked.

Hey my married horny pussy. Yes we still have a date, but it’s unfortunate I’ve been booked this coming weekend. You can pay the money for booking next weekend before someone outsmarts you. Chris sexily responded.

That’s alright Chris, I will do that right away, but may I know where we are meeting? She asked.

Our meeting place is your business not mine. Just call the shots and I will be there. Chris responded and hanged up.

Jeeezz, where on earth am I going to meet with Chris? Going to a hotel with him is dangerous. My church members might see me and that will bring humiliation. Abigail deeply thought.

Alright then, I will fake a bad dream and instruct Pastor Asamoah to go the mountains to pray over it whether he likes it or not.

No one will suspect me of sleeping with a visitor in my home because after all, people come to me for counseling when my husband is away. She further thought as she headed back home.

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Soon, she arrived and walked pass her husband into the bedroom.

Abigail, I didn’t hear you greet. Pastor Asamoah walked to her and asked.

That is because greetings will not put money into my account. She harshly responded.

I’m sorry if my question is upsetting. Please hurry up with bathing and join me at the dining table, I prepared your favorite jollof rice and salad. He informed with smiles and walked away.

Look at that buffoon! I wish I could simply poison him and have my peace. Abigail angrily thought.

Soon, she was done with bathing and joined her husband at the dining table. Pastor Asamoah happily served her and they ate together.

Talk to me my wife, how was work today? He asked.

Asamoah, so didn’t you learn table manners in secondary school? I know you are block headed, but at least, that one was cheap to learn. Abigail insulted.

I’m sorry Abi, please forgive me. He sadly apologized.

Abigail ate the full plate of rice and walked out on her husband while Pastor Asamoah sat down staring at his food with a lost appetite.

After 9pm, when Abigail was lying in bed having a WhatsApp chat with Mina, Pastor Asamoah walked to her.

He picked his Bible from the drawer and went down on his knees.

Abi, I am so sorry for being the cause of your unhappiness. Please, for the sake of this Bible in my hand, just pity me as your brother who is struggling to make it in life. He spoke in tears.

Abigail quickly turned away from him and covered herself with the blanket. Off, she slept.

Pastor Asamoah prayed throughout the night in tears, calling God to have mercy on him.

Soon, it was morning and Abigail woke him up from the floor.

Asamoah get up, I want to talk to you. She stated.

To be continued…