Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 2 Episode 9


Mina stared at his dick in amazement.

Wow, such a huge pink dick. She complimented.

Chris gave her a half smile and wore his shorts.

They ate, fucked and rested intermittently till the weekend was over.

Chris, you are such a great man, and I promise to need your services even when I get married. Mina complimented.

You ought to, beautiful Mina. See you some other time. Chris responded and placed a long liquid kiss on her lips and walked away.

Wow, this guy is full of sweetness, how I wish he is mine. Mina thought as she watched him go.

The next morning was a Monday and she had to go to work. Unfortunately, she was so exhausted to.

She then called Selorm to ask permission to absent herself from work.

Hello sir, I ain’t feeling well today and I will like to take the day off. She humbly spoke.

What’s wrong Mina? Should I come and take you to the hospital? Selorm worriedly but calmly asked..

No sir, I will be fine. My mum is on her way to come and attend to my needs. She answered.

So sorry Mina, that explains why you didn’t answer my calls during the weekend. I thought as much that something might be wrong with you. Once again sorry. I will send the driver to bring you money. Selorm spoke.

Thanks sir. Talk to you later. She responded and dropped the call.

Selorm quickly called the driver into his office, gave him Ghc2000 to be given to Mina in her home.

Sir, I am sorry to question you, but do you think you are doing the right thing by giving madam Mina this whooping amount almost everyday? The driver humbly spoke.

Atta, just send the money and keep your questions to yourself till I have answers to them. Selorm unhappily responded.

Once again, I’m sorry sir. He stated and walked out.

He drove on top speed to deliver the money to her. When he entered the house, Mina was in the kitchen cooking. He greeted and handed the money to her.

Thanks Atta. Kindly tell Abigail to pass by when you get to the work place. She stated.

I will, but madam, why are you doing this to Mr Selorm? Don’t you think he is too good to deserve this heart game from you? Atta humbly questioned.

What game are you talking about? Mina asked almost in anger.

The game of hiding behind an unexisting love to extort money from him. Madam please listen to me, in this world, good people are few, and if you hurt any of them, their good will badly hunt you down. Think through this and tell him the truth. Let him know you don’t love him. Thanks. Atta advised and walked away.

Mina stood dumb watching him leave.

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Later after work, Abigail visited.

Hey Mina, what’s up? How did it go? She inquired.

Abigail, it went like a ride through heaven. Chris is too much! My God, girlfriend, you should see his dick! The color! The length! The width! His style of kissing! His style of licking! His style of fingering! Mina happily narrated.

Chill Mina! You are getting me wet already. Abigail cut in.

Take your married eyes off him! That dick is mine till forever. Mina responded.

Indeed! Abigail quickly thought.

Anyway tell me, how long does he last? She inquired.

As long as the coming of Christ. Can you imagine throughout his 48hours stay, he only ejaculated twice?

Meanwhile, he fucked me for 40 good hours! Mina narrated.

What! This is serious! He is crazy. Abigail screamed.

You can say that again Abigail, my entire life savings will be for his dick. I ought to have him to myself at least once every month. Mina narrated.

I’m even thinking of extorting money from dessert to buy him a car. She added.

Dessert indeed! Hahahahahhaha! Abigail burst into uncontrollable tears.

Anyway baby girl, get into the kitchen and serve me my food whiles I use your washroom to freshen up. Abigail smartly instructed.

She went straight to where the camera was hidden and picked it into her bag. She came to the sitting room and picked what was there too. She then headed into the washroom to freshen up and joined Mina in the dining hall.

They conversed and ate at the same time. Few minutes later, Mina began to menstruate.

I can’t believe this Abigail, menstruating without a single sanitary pad in this house. Let me run to the supermarket across the road to get one. She quickly informed and drove out of the compound.

Abigail hurried into the kitchen and brought out the camera. She added it to the ones in her bag and came back to continue her meal.

Mina returned in few minutes, freshened up and join her friend in conversation again.

Anyway how is your husband? She inquired.

Which husband? His shoes as if he walks sideways. The way that man’s presence disgust me! And am just looking for an opportunity to dump his sorry ass. Abigail insulted.

That will be better girlfriend! I hate to see you broke. Mina stated.

Charlie, I must get going before he goes to the work premises to embarrass me with his 100 yards trouser and 200 yards Shirt. Abigail teased and picked up her bag.

Immediately she lifted it, the items fell unto the ground.

To be continued…