Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 8


The best option is to confess to your brother. Tell him you didn’t know he was crushing on her. Theo suggested.

No Theo, my brother will be disappointed in me. I don’t want a woman to come between us. Joojo responded.

Then keep your mouth shut and pretend nothing has happened. Theo said.

That means my brother will still be chasing her and she will continuously turn him down to cause him more pain. I can’t watch that to happen. He said.

So what do you want to do? Theo asked.

I will tell my brother that, per my background checks the lady in question is cheap. Joojo responded.

Well, that is if your brother will fall for that. Anyway, I must get going, my sweet Joan is waiting for me. Theo teased.

Joan? Who is Joan? Joojo asked.

Well, she is my new catch. So sweet and heaven sent. See you later. He happily responded and walked away.


Mina began calling him but he refused to answer.

She then sent her pictures of her naked body. Her erected nipples and wet pussy was so glaring.

God! What have I got myself involved with? He worriedly thought.

Days later, Mina drove to campus to look for Joojo since he was not answering his calls.

Chris was called for her.

I learnt you are looking for Joojo, but he’s gone home. He informed.

And who are you? Mina asked.

His best friend. Chris answered.

Can we talk? Mina asked.

Sure we can. Let’s get inside my room. He suggested.

No I suggest we stand here and talk. Mina resisted.

Well madam, as you can see from my skin, I don’t stand in the hot sun to talk. It is either you come with me into my room, or we treat ourselves as strangers and go our various ways. Chris harshly spoke and began walking away.

Mina reluctantly followed him to his room and sat on his chair.

I’m all ears madam, how may I be of help? Chris asked.

Errm, my name is Mina. A friend to Joojo. The truth is that, I have fallen in love with him, but he doesn’t seem to like me. I was wondering if you could be of help. Mina narrated.

Well, Joojo is my friend, and everything I say is final. I will see what I can do, but before then, let me have your contact so that I can give you a feedback. Chris straight forwardly responded.

Thanks bro. I will be looking forward to a positive feedback. Mina sated in relief after calling out her digits to Chris.

I must get going now, I will be looking forward to your call. Mina stated and stood up.

Chris quickly walked to her and gently held her against the wall.

You are beautiful and sweet scented. My friend really deserves you. He whispered into her confused ears.

Mina slid her eyes closed with her heart pounding so heavy on her chest.

Call me Chris Koomson. He softly added and held her chin. He slowly moved his lips closer to hers and breathed his masculine sweet scented breath unto her face.

Get going Mina, will call you later. He dismissed.

Mina hurried out of the room in shame and got into her car.

What! What a romantic guy. I can’t believe I fell for his touch. She thought as she drove back home.

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Later in the night, Chris called her.

Mina, are you sleeping? He asked.

Not yet Chris. Is Joojo back? She inquired.

Of course he is. We’ve talked about you and there is something very important he wants you to know. He answered.

Can we discuss it over the phone? Mina asked.

I wish we could, but unfortunately we can’t. My fiancee is horny, and I must be on my way to her hostel to fuck her horniness away. Chris candidly responded.

I like your honesty Chris, anyway let’s meet in my house early tomorrow morning before I leave for work. Mina proposed.

Sure baby girl, I will be there as early as 6am. Chris assured and hanged up.

To be continued…