Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 7


PG 18+

Eeerrrmm Joo, give me few minutes to shower, I will be with you. She responded and headed to the washroom.

Wow, Selorm will soon be engaged , and I will be the uncle to his beautiful kids. Joojo thought.

I remember daddy once made me make a promise of being my brother’s happiness, come what may.

Selorm is naturally calm, the fearful type. This is the time to show him how much I love him. Brotherly love really. Joojo thought further.

Not long after that, he overhead Mina screaming in the bathroom.

Heeellllllllp! Please helllllllp! She screamed the more.

Joojo rushed to the scene in fear.

What is it Mina? He screamed from outside the bathroom.

Joo heelllp! I can’t move! I slipped and hit my head on the floor. Mina spoke in tears.

Mina can I come in? Have you covered up? Joojo asked.

Just come Joojo, I’m almost going into shock due to pain. Mina responded in tears still.

Joojo rushed inside and helped her up.

Mina, you are naked, you shouldn’t have allowed me inside. He unhappily complained.

Mina held him so tight with her boobs staring him in the face.

Help me Joo, I’m in pain. She softly spoke.

Joojo slowly lifted her unto his hands and walked her into the bedroom.

He tried taking his mind off her body, but it was too tempting.

He slowly walked with her into the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed.

Mina, cover up and let me take you to the hospital. Joojo stated.

Joojo, don’t tell me you don’t care about the pains I’m going through.

How do you expect me to dress up when I can’t even move? She sadly asked.

Joojo walked to the wardrobe and brought out a dress.

Just when he tried helping Mina to wear it, she forcefully grabbed him towards herself and began kissing him passionately.

They kissed so deep till Joojo could not control himself. Slowly, he climbed up on her and began sucking her boobs.

Mmmm Joojo! Joo I love you. It’s you I want and not your brother. Mina moaned and held Joojo’s erected cock firmly.

Before they could proceed, his phone began to ring.

He put his hand in his pocket and tried to bring the phone out.

No Joo, don’t answer the damn call! Please don’t! Mina prevented him and continuously kissed him.

She hurried on top of Joojo and began rubbing her pussy on his cock.

She gently brought his dick out and slowly sat on it.

“Joojo, I will be waiting for you. Remember, I love you so much” Selorm’s voice began to echo in his ears.

No! Stop it Mina! He screamed and pushed her off him.

What is wrong with you? Joojo, why did you stop me? Mina yelled.

Mina, I have promised giving you to my brother, and he is waiting for us. Please don’t turn him down. He must have you! My brother should at least, be happy. Joojo screamed almost in tears.

No Joojo, that is where you are mistaken! I don’t love your brother, it is you I love. Mina screamed back.

Look at me Mina, my brother is my responsibility, and he comes first before me. In everything, I want him to lead. Please consider him for my sake. Joojo calmly pleaded.

Within that same minute, his phone began to ring again.

He quickly answered and it was his brother.

Joojo, don’t forget I’m still waiting for you.

Remember you promised finding love for me. I’m still waiting. Much love bro. Selorm sadly spoke and hanged up.

Joojo stared into Mina’s eyes in tears once again.

Mina, my brother needs you. Please don’t turn him down. He stated and walked out.

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He drove back to campus with tears streaming down his face.

I shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have made love to the woman I promised giving to my brother. He sadly thought.

Soon, he arrived on campus and walked into his room. Immediately he threw himself on the bed, his friend, Theo, walked in.

Hey guy what’s going on? I saw you from a distance, and I tried calling you but you were absent minded. He spoke.

Before he could answer, Selorm called again.

Joojo, how far? You didn’t utter a word when I called. He inquired.

I’m sorry bro, but…. Joojo tried explaining.

Don’t worry Joo, I know it failed.

Anyway, I want to let you in on my current emotions. The person I spoke to you about yesterday.

Joo, I think I’m in love with Mina, the marketing manager you once met here. Selorm confessed.

What! Bro, why didn’t you tell me yesterday? You should have mentioned her to me. Joojo screamed in shock.

That was because you weren’t ready to listen to me. You were rather bent on getting me another woman. Selorm responded.

Bro, have you already spoken to her? I mean, have you made your emotions known to her? Joojo asked.

Somehow Joo, yesterday was her birthday and I gave her a mini birthday party plus a car as a birthday present. I again asked her for dinner but she turned me down, saying she has a date. She even left the key to the new car on my desk. Joo, Mina is too busy to notice me. Selorm sadly spoke.

I will call you back bro, my friend is here. Joojo sadly responded and hanged up.

Before he could open up to Theo, tears began falling off his cheeks with speed.

Joo what is it? Why are you crying like a woman? Theo worriedly asked.

Theo, can I confine in you? Joojo inquired.

Anytime Joo, what is it? Theo probed further.

Theo, I just made love to the woman my brother has fallen in love with.

I wanted to talk to her for my brother, but she seduced me into making love with her. Joojo explained.

Joo come on, don’t be childish! That means the lady doesn’t want your brother and you can’t force her. Theo explained.

Theo, you won’t understand! This is the first time my brother is falling in love and I can’t betray him like this. Joojo responded.

So what do you intend doing? Push her to your brother after sleeping with her? Theo asked.

Theo, I didn’t sleep with her. It was a single penetration, and not the full length of my penis entered her. Joojo naively responded.

Hahahahaha! Joojo, you are simply crazy! Whether quarter or half, you’ve penetrated her and you can’t push her to your brother. That is an abomination! Theo teased.

God! This is not happening to me! I have betrayed my brother. Joojo soliloquised.

The best option is to confess to your brother. Tell him you didn’t know he was crushing on her. Theo suggested.

To be continued…